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7/12/12 1:11 A

I work night shift - I go in at midnight and get off at 9am on weekdays - every other weekend I go in at midnight and get off at 12 noon . I know - probably sounds terrible to most - but it works for me - I am not complaining

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6/21/12 12:06 A

Been there and done it for many years.

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6/20/12 1:48 P

I worked like that for years. What I tried to do was eat a meal (supper) every afternoon at the same time and breakfast. Then, I would flip my lunch depending on what shift I was working. I tried to track my food from midnight to midnight. It worked out pretty well for me because I was consistently eating two meals at regular times. I hope this helps...

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6/20/12 11:46 A

Unfortunately, I have to follow the same rotation everyone else does. I will try your suggestion... I will be eating less, but more often, so it will be good for my metabolism as well.

It is a great idea, Thanks!

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6/19/12 6:10 P

If it were me, i would make up all my food for the day and split it into about 6-8 things. then i would refularly have something every 2-3 hours that i was awake. when its gone i'd be done.

It has to be very difficult. could you ask to be put on one shift or the other?

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6/19/12 2:58 P

I work alternating shifts from days (6am to 6pm) and night shifts (6pm to 6am). We rotate every few days, so eating regularly is really difficult. I feel like I am eating way too many calories because I am up for 20 - 24 hour periods.

Should I try to fast during the day and treat my 12 hour shift as a day? or should I just live with the extra calories? I am often too exhausted to work out on the days that I work night shift, so it really hurts my caloric differential.

I would appreciate any suggestions!!!!!

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