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5/18/12 10:24 P

What kind of lettuce are you buying? Whole head, or pre-cut boxes?

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5/18/12 2:39 P

If you like the frozen veggies, I just get a generic or store brand & use my own container. In my area, $3.25 will buy a large bag that will last a week or two (depending on how much I eat every day). I can add my own oil, margarine or salt to taste - but often I don't need to.

For salad & lettuce: Do you wash the lettuce all at once? For some reason, I have found that lettuce goes bad faster if I wash it all at once and then refrigerate. I usually use Romaine lettuce, and I wash only the leaves I intend to use at that time. A whole head will last me about a week without going bad (unless I eat it first).

You could also try adding some colorful veggies to your salad. I prefer grape tomatoes, carrots & cucumbers, although I sometimes skip the cucumber because that's the thing I can't finish before it goes bad! Also some people like bell peppers of all colors, or celery, or onion.

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5/16/12 1:50 P

Hey everyone,

For the past couple months I've been eating a salad with my daily frozen meal type lunch. The salad consists of two cups of lettuce, a 60 calorie string cheese, and about 3oz of chicken. It's beginning to bore me a lot. The other day I grabbed a Green Giant frozen veggie blend that had about 100 calories in the whole box and just mixed it into my frozen meal. That was awesome! But for $3.25 a day? I dunno... Anyone have any veggie options for lunches? My other biggest issue is that lettuce goes bad SO quickly in my fridge, so I'm going out almost every day to buy more. I want something that i could theoretically buy in bulk for the week.


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