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JMEEMB Posts: 56
9/21/12 5:07 P

Thanks for idea of Jane Fonda for seniors. Isn't it amazing? 3 miles at once, at 83? Wonder if I could live healthily long enough to walk 3 miles at one time? Am 69 with COPD.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
9/15/12 10:16 P

I think Collage Videos has clips of the new Jane Fonda videos. They really are designed to be unintimidating and comfortable for older adults.

The "Strong Women" books are good, too. Since her original work was done with a geriatric population they are truly designed to encourage women of all ages to get and stay strong.

KASEYSUNDANCER SparkPoints: (4,744)
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Posts: 372
9/15/12 4:59 P

This is just a thought - has your mom tried different treadmills? Some of them can be very intimidating, especially to someone unfamiliar with them. If she had a chance to try different ones, maybe even one of the unmotorized ones, maybe she'd feel more like using one. The distance she walks, a treadmill sounds like the perfect solution for wintertime walking.

Just a thought.

9/15/12 4:34 P

Jane Fonda has released two or three workout DVDs for seniors. Fonda is now around 74 and has had one hip joint and one knee joint replaced. The DVDs got some good reviews so they may be worth a try.

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SNOWKAT Posts: 380
9/14/12 9:23 A

Thanks for the tips!!!!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
9/14/12 12:32 A

Always remember with a video you can go at it as much as you can do, so if she gets one that she can't stay up with, that is okay. Have her do as much as she can, and she will get stronger. Joyce Vedral has good weight training videos for women. Good clip of an older woman at the gym.
This is a good example of an older groups class.

9/13/12 11:15 P

I just have to repeat what Julia said, good for you mom, how awesome is that that she is still so active at 83.

Leslie Sansone has a video titled Walk and Firm for Older Adults that might work for your mom. And Julia's so right about College Video, they are awesome.

Does your Mom live in a rural area or more urban? Can she walk at a Mall with a group of Mall Walkers or perhaps one of the hospitals in your area has an indoor walking program for seniors. Also, have you or your mom thought about Silver Sneakers?

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
9/13/12 6:45 P

First of all, good for your mom for keeping active. It makes such a difference, doesn't it?

I'd second the suggestion of the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home videos - they can be suitable for just about anyone.

Collage Video is a truly great source of workout videos. They offer reviews on line AND video clips so that you can get a sense of the music, instructor, pace, etc. They do have many that are appropriate for those of us well beyond our 20s, including chair exercise and many that are designed for seniors. Finally, they have a generous return policy, which is rare.

If nothing else, I'd get your mom an inexpensive but easy to use pedometer, if she doesn't have one already. It's always helpful to me to see how much - or little - I've moved about each day and there's data to show that people increase their mobility simply due to the awareness they generate.

I hope you can find something for your mom that suits her. Good luck!

9/13/12 11:09 A

With youtube, and the sites that sell the DVD's, you can sample them and find one you like.

9/13/12 11:06 A

Leslie Sansone's Walking Videos.

Or, google "exercise videos for elderly," or something like that.

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SNOWKAT Posts: 380
9/13/12 10:40 A

My mom who is 83 walks 3 miles 3 times a week - it takes her a hour. This is her only structured exercise. The rest of her day involves gardening and taking care of her home.

With colder weather coming soon she won't walk outside. I see a mental difference in her when she exercises vs when she isn't and am encouraging her to do something through the fall and winter.

Her list of wont's include - joining a gym, using a treadmill, take a class.

I thought of a personal trainer...but I expect she'll resist and unless she buys in it's not a good investment.

I'm looking for a video that really is simple. It can't be fast paced and it can't involve going to the floor and back up....that would be too difficult for her.

Looking for suggestions

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