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11/21/11 10:47 P

Okay, Kelekona, now you're speaking my language. :-) Here are my top 5 ideas, because I think 5 is enough for now, but if you want more, let me know.

1) I make an awesome shepherd's pie from chopped turkey, blanched carrots/onions, mashed potatoes, and this AMAZING, healthy gravy, that is so delicious and good for you that you can drink it:

2) We make wraps from whole-grain tortillas, a little bit of cream cheese, chopped scallion, alfalfa sprouts, and a little meat (turkey is great in this). Roll it up, cut it into pinwheels, and eat. Even better if you wrap it in plastic after rolling it up and let it sit in the fridge for an hour or two.

3) My mother's favorite thing to do with leftover turkey is to make soup with turkey stock, veggies, a drained can of hominy, and a handful of chopped cilantro. Salt to taste. Very lovely winter food.

4) The day after Thanksgiving, I always make turkey hash: Turkey, finely diced potato and onion, and just a smidge of gravy for moisture. Fry on medium for a good, long time before flipping it, so the bottom gets really crusty, then do the same on the other side. Good with a poached egg on top.

5) My partner begs for turkey fajitas sometimes. Turkey strips heated with garlic and chili powder and a dash of cumin. Separately, I sautee onion and pepper strips in a tiny bit of oil with more garlic and chili powder. Stuff into soft corn tortillas and top with cilantro and, if you're my brother-in-law, radish slices.

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11/21/11 3:06 P

For turkey soup, save one of the legs and neck, and back bone. Place in a bout 3-4 quarts of water, . Cook on top of the stove on med/low for about 3 hours,.strain liquid broth into another pot using a metal strainer or cheescloth removing "foam". Add chopped celery, carrots, and onion, chopped meat left from bones. .cook until veggies are tender.

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11/21/11 5:17 A

My diet plan is "real" food. If you say "one can of cream of X soup," I'm grabbing the butter, flour, and milk.

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11/18/11 3:28 P

Cooked turkey meat can be use same as chicken, in cassaroles,stew, shredded and used in tacos, added to soup, wraps, turkey salad-same a chicken salad substituting turkey for chicken, shred meat and add bar b q sauce and heat for sandwiches.

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11/18/11 7:42 A

What about a good gravy,stuffing or cranberry dressing for on top of the sliced turkey?

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11/17/11 1:00 P

What's your food plan? One of my favorite things is cooking to people's dietary restrictions, so I'd love to help with this. :-)

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11/17/11 10:36 A

I can remember my mom making Turkey Tettrazzini with leftovers from Thanksgiving... it was always yummy! Here is a link with a lot of variations on it... It should be something that can be frozen for later eating.,1-0,turkey_tetr

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11/14/11 2:23 P

It's a little bit funny. The husband instructed me to get a turkey for thanksgiving, but also seems to think that it's a very bland protein source.

I ordered our thanksgiving bird from a butcher for a bit less than $3 a pound. I'm hoping that it means I'm getting a bird that has never seen a freezer. However, the local grocery stores were selling frozen turkeys for .45 a pound and I just could not pass up that deal.

For the frozen turkey, I'm hoping to wait until the post-xmas duldrums to thaw it, dissect it, cook the meat in various ways, then re-freeze what we don't want immediately.

Does anyone have any favorite recipes that would be friendly to my plan? Even if they are really chicken or tofu recipes, I can make adjustments.

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