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Oh I do love Cake Wrecks! Makes me feel confident and competent. Not that I do decorate cakes, but I very strongly do feel I could do better than ... well every single one of THOSE cakes! LOL :)

3/16/12 8:17 P

Irishman went to a pet shop and asked how many budgies were in stock. "We have 99" replied the shop owner "Give us the lot" said the Irish man, paid for them and left. He went to a tailors shop and had 99 pockets sewn into a jacket, put a budgie in each pocket, went up to the Post Office Tower and jumped off. He hit the ground with an almighty smack and lay there groaning until a passer-by came and asked him what had happened. "I don't know sur" he replied "but that's the last time I try that budgie jumping"

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My favorite Website CAKE WRECKS has this chuckle for St. Patty's Day!
Read the captions for the best giggle, Happy Friday!

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