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An interest in diets for those of us with cancer

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3/9/13 11:00 A

How well is the relationship between diet and cancer and cancer recovery defined? With what sort of evidence. I hope we'll hear what your professional nutritionist had to say.

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3/7/13 1:08 P

When I had cancer 15 years ago, I just ate whole foods. Lots of vegetables, fruits, and stopped eating red meats completely. I completely stopped counting calories and instead focused on Micro nutrients and phyto chemicals that the body needs. Then I told myself that I was feeling better every day. Have not had a problem since. Funny how once you feel better it only takes a few years before you start back with foods that are not the best for you. At least I went back to the Standard American Diet. How SAD.

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11/27/12 4:52 P

Tell us what the nutritionist said.

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11/15/12 10:35 A

Returning to SparkPeople after a 2-yr hiatus. Recently I was diagnosed with cancer. I've undergone surgery and am half way through my chemo treatments.

My interest is in revamping an otherwise inconsistent diet with foods that I can adopt while going through chemo, and then post-chemo once my body starts going back to normal. I try to stay within my caloric window, but am also looking to lose weight.

Since late August's surgery, and a powerport implant, my cardio has consisted mainly of swimming. I look forward to those days I can swim, but generally I'm feeling indifferent regarding activity when the steroids from the infusions are present in my body. Makes for crappy days.

I've looked for diet pointers (talking to a nutritionist tomorrow), but I'd like to see what other folks who have/had cancer used that works for them.

I'm an optimist through and through ;)

To those fighting the good fight, I salute your perseverance!

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