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10/8/12 10:01 A

You make a good point. Honestly, I didn't think the email was THAT bullying. It wasn't like someone saying "hey fat lady, get off the TV!" which has no value at all and is only intended to hurt. Where I think the person who sent the email might have had slightly better intentions. They may have meant to "help" her, but they're socially inept and lacking empathy.

Either way, I think it was one of those things that the TV personality should have ignored. It's cool you found something motivating out of it though.

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10/8/12 9:55 A

Bill, I do agree with you. She clearly was bothered, and the person sending it did say hurtful things, whether they meant to or not.

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10/7/12 11:28 A

My need is motivation for ordering priorities. Any source is fine, but from these comments, I think I'll let this particular source lay quiet. Thanks guys.

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10/3/12 3:21 P

I feel like any reply I make is a can of worms, but what the hell. I think she is clearly bothered by the email and has masked it with deflection. Deflection saying her husband wouldn't let it go, deflection that children are dealing with this.

The email was written by an idiot and giving it any response at all was a mistake.

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
10/2/12 7:58 P

So this video, and a discussion on reddit regarding it, inspired me to keep working on my strength training in a strange way. Watching her video, I couldn't help but think that she should be working to improve her obesity situation. I then realized that she very well may be doing so right now, or may have done so in the past but is currently not, or that she may be doing nothing at all. I realized my judgment on her, was not so much a judgment on her but a judgment on myself. Although I am not fat right now, I certainly could use some added muscle and fitness.

Strange place to feel motivated from, huh?

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