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Hmmm, I don't know about indoor ative stuff unless there is a rock wall climbing place or gym or something near you that has activities. Otherwise, what about planning a fun day at home with a fun meal and a dance party or something. Or, if you have a Wii, perhaps a Wii games tournament? Otherwise, I'd just try to do something fun, and save the active stuff for another day. You could always walk around the mall, the the kids play at the playplace (if there is one) and browse the shops. Happy Anniversary! We're celebrating 5 years this year, too!

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This weekend marks our 5 year wedding anniversary, (10 years that we have been together) and we will be celebrating it with our kids. Not sure if the weather will hold up for us to go to our planned beach trip. Any ideas what else we could do that is (at least) somewhat active? I was looking forward to running on the sand, walking down the strip in Seaside, OR and just having fun...but not sure what we could do if those plans get rained out...Suggestions?!?!

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