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4/7/13 9:28 P

Hello Coachmb,

There is always a part of me that 'knows' there are consequences to my actions. If I have days of overindulging I just go back to my healthy habits and feel the power of self-discipline.

Every choice is a new beginning. Have affirmations ready when you feel yourself with the 'I don't care' attitude. Get up and move and take deep breaths. You are worth being your happiest, healthiest you!
Resolve now and leave the past mistakes behind. Forward with strength...I know you can do this and congratulations on your already success. emoticon

4/7/13 9:45 A

Hi Sparkpeople Community.

Have any of you been very successful for a long run of healthy eating, exercising, and accurate tracking only to trip up and go on a sedentary eating binge and say to yourself "I don't care anymore". I just did a 3 day no accountability eating fest that would've made Caligula proud, but not me.

Do any of you try to trick yourself by entering the good food you eat and not recording the junk food like the DQ blizzard that calls to me like an addictive drug. I'm not even being honest with myself during these eating frenzies.

Like many of you, this journey is not the only challenge I am facing in my life right now. How do you keep it all together through all the other stressful life events to persevere on this journey? Also, is there real time help on this site that I could talk to when I get down like this?

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