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4/9/13 12:41 A

I'm a Ham Radio operator and have taken the weather safety class that the government gives Hams. I live in NJ and, although they are rare, we have had tornadoes here. When I took the class I was surprised to learn that every single state in the US has a history of tornadoes. The only difference is that they are rare in most states. When I lived in New Mexico we had what we called 'dust devils'. They are small (10-15 foot tall) very brief mini tornadoes. They blow across the yard and disappear. I've seen tornadoes while traveling cross country by car and I know that green sky you mentioned. That alone is enough to strike fear in your heart!
I give you all credit for having the courage to live in tornado alley and I offer my prayers for your safety. God bless!

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4/8/13 11:18 A

emoticon Please stay safe. It's that time of year again.

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4/17/12 10:59 A

Yep - I've lived in Kansas my entire life. It's just a fact of life here - when we built our house we put a safe room in the basement - concrete all the way around.

4/16/12 7:47 P

I live in S.W. Minesota so we get a few watches and warnings. The last big one was July 1st last year. Lots of damage but thankfully no deaths.

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4/16/12 7:10 P

My son lives in Iowa and I was thinking of moving there but not anymore, they get alot of them, one day the tornado siren went off twice when he was at work and 4 times where his wife was home alone, thats entirely too much in one day for me! Its bad enough here but we dont' get them like Iowa does, use to live in Az and they never got them now they do.

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4/16/12 9:29 A

Three towns within driving-distance of our house were hit last night. No reports of injuries on this morning's news so, I think we dodged a bullet.

Minnesota is part of tornado alley but sometimes the storms veer East before they reach the Twin Cities. Folks in North Minneapolis are still recovering from last year's tornado hit (May 2011).

Looks like today will be windy and kinda cold, but no sign of any more storms.


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4/16/12 9:18 A

Nope... and glad for it!

Stay safe.

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4/16/12 6:50 A

I live in SD and yes we are part of torando alley, Iowa is where my son lives and they get them really bad and I know Kansas and Oklahoma do and so forth, this years seems to be starting early and its going to last till september, the sky gets that green yellow look. I pray no one gets hurt or anything during tornado season this year, I hate it when things go back, their scarey enough but when you hear the freight train sound you really get fearful.

Stay safe everyone, and duck!

South Dakota
(With God all things are possible)
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