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6/28/10 2:43 A

I want to get married on 11-11-11. But I am hellbent on losing this weight first.

Start weight 289.

Current weight: 264.8

Goal by 30th Birthday: To enter the wonderful onederland!!

64.8 pounds to go!!!
LVIN12 Posts: 10
6/26/10 1:20 P

I'm getting married on 10-9-10 as 10-10-10 is a Sunday....and we had a hard time finding venues to cooperate with us on that.

JLS523 Posts: 294
6/24/10 5:42 P

My sister's a wedding planner and she begged me not to have my wedding on 10/10/10 or even 8/9/10! :)
We're going with 4/31/11 (the day after he finishes his Ph.D.).

6/23/10 10:48 A

9/10/11 for me too!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,630
6/23/10 10:38 A

FRANKI666, you can do 10/11/12.

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LAREINA04 Posts: 12
6/22/10 9:07 P

We haven't set a date yet and are looking to have a small wedding in Vegas but that 10-10-10 is reserved for larger ceremonies. I really like the idea of 8-9-10. Oooh I'm getting all excited just thinking of it.

5/9/10 7:59 P

That's when I'm getting married. We've been engaged over a year for that date. Come on, how many other brides can say they got three tens? Perfect score!

5/8/10 9:20 P

Nope, 11-11-11 for me!

DANNYSSTACY1010 Posts: 3
5/6/10 9:17 A


I'm marrying my best friend on Sunday, October 10. I can't WAIT! I love Fall. We live in New England. Last Columbus Day weekend we were in Acadia National Park and decided if we were going to get married, that would be the time we would do it.

We are having so much fun planning the day.

SNOCONES Posts: 86
4/6/10 9:46 P

We're doing 9/10/11 which falls on a Saturday (thank goodness).

AKARABAN Posts: 57
4/6/10 4:27 P

Our wedding date is also 10/02/10. We really wanted 10/10/10, but that date would be too inconvenient for our out of town guests. :(

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4/6/10 6:55 A

I'm close -- my date is 10/2/10!

4/5/10 6:29 P

We are doing our renewal of our vows on 10-10-10. It will be our 20th and doing it in Vegas! emoticon

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JEMSTAR Posts: 682
2/26/10 9:29 A

Well, Franki, you could do 12/12/12... it's a weekday though.

FRANKI666 Posts: 990
2/26/10 5:43 A

Thats a really cool date to get married on!!!! we wont be able to do it then 2012 is our year. x

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it."

LILYSMOM08 Posts: 1,142
2/23/10 2:09 P

My husband-to-be and I both love the fall and live in New England where the colors are usually gorgeous, so we have decided to get married on October 10th which is 10/10/10.......I guess he'll never forget our anniversary (and neither will any of ou friends and family).

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