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Thanks for responding so quickly Dragonchilde. I am checking out the websites you suggested even as I type this out. Most of our Nigerian dishes are very high in carbs and Palm oil. We have very few traditional soups that can be cooked without lots of palm oil and these same soups are usually eaten with Garri(made from dried cassava grains), pounded yams, rice flour etc all of which are very high in carbohydrate. I find it difficult putting together a low calorie recipe of the soups and other dishes, so that I always exceed my calorie limit greatly.
I need ideas on how to make balanced healthy meals working with foods readily available in the Nigerian markets. Thanks

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Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with Nigerian cuisine. Could you share some examples of the staples you usually have? I don't want you to think we're ignoring you. :) I think most of us are just not familiar with it!

I did do a quick google, and found a couple of things that may or may not help:

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Hello there, I am a Nigerian resident in Nigeria and looking for a buddy facing the same high carb challenge I face daily in deciding what to eat from available Nigerian staples. Two heads are better than one, so I am hoping there's someone here with whom I can map out a healthy diet. I can't win this fight without dealing with my diet. emoticon

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