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JWOURMS Posts: 812
11/16/10 10:39 A

Grandma used to make apple juice from cores and peeling left over from making apple sauce. But I don't remember who she did it.

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
11/15/10 12:15 P

when my family makes applesauce we just cut the apples up (just take off bad spots), toss it all in a big pot with an inch or so of water and let them cook down. then we mash the cooked stuff down through a cone-shaped strainer (can't remember its technical name), and there ya have it - pink, sweet, healthy applesauce... never any need to add sugar! and the pink color that you get from the peels just makes it look so yummy... it goes into plastic tubs and into the freezer and we eat applesauce for months and months!

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11/13/10 11:52 A

I just pulled the remnants of THREE bags of apples from my fridge (why don't I finish a bag before buying another??) and they were all soft and mealy. I cored and peeled them, sliced them up, put them in a pot with water about a third of the way up the apples, and stuck them on the stove. I'll have applesauce in no time! I also put the cores and peels in another pot, covered them with water, and set them to boil. In about 15 minutes, I'll strain it, add the liquid back to the pot, and cook it with some sugar and cinnamon until it's at a jelly temp (I don't have a candy thermometer so I'll just have to guess!). Then I'll put it in a recycled jar and have some apple peel jelly!

I love fall :)

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