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Back from the cruise...

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SparkPoints: (62,612)
Fitness Minutes: (56,203)
Posts: 3,002
8/28/12 12:16 P

I went on a cruise in 2009 and I think I gained about 10 pounds! The food was incredible! Glad you had a good time, and 3 pounds is definitely manageable. Welcome back!


Posts: 4,945
8/28/12 11:31 A

I gained about 5 lbs after our cruise. You are right, the food is wonderful.

Posts: 132
8/28/12 9:25 A

i am hoping that next time we go we can all get in one room....that way, i CAN get up early and go to the gym... i feel bad if i get up early and leave the kids in the room by themselves while i go and get my work out on... if they get up in the room while my SO is in there... it would be less scary... but trust me.... walking all over the ship is pretty good exercise.... which i did ALOT! I did ALL the activities...

OOOH and BTW by the time i got to weigh in I DID end up losing... i wasn't the BIGGEST loser... but i did still lose 2 pounds since last weigh in... drinking tea is a GREAT way to get rid of excess water....

SparkPoints: (273,182)
Fitness Minutes: (188,542)
Posts: 20,305
8/27/12 7:21 P

I'm glad that you had a great time. I took my first cruise this year and had a fantastic time. I'm already looking at planning one for next year.

SparkPoints: (115,286)
Fitness Minutes: (35,554)
Posts: 6,533
8/27/12 12:31 P

We're going on a cruise next month. I'm bringing my workout clothes!

Posts: 132
8/27/12 12:29 P

i went on the carnival triumph to cozumel and progresso.... is was BEAUTIFUL! I went to the flee market in progresso, and then to the beach in cozumel... it was awesome.... the food on the boat was INSANE!!! they had sooo much food, and people offering you drinks 24/7 WOW is all i had to say

SparkPoints: (11,124)
Fitness Minutes: (1,996)
Posts: 746
8/27/12 11:16 A

Where'd ya go? What line was it?

You'll get that right off, vacations throw you out of the routine. emoticon

Posts: 1,073
8/27/12 10:50 A

How was it?!!! emoticon

Posts: 5,722
8/27/12 10:46 A

wooooo! Details, pls!? What did you eat?

SparkPoints: (6,021)
Fitness Minutes: (3,951)
Posts: 278
8/27/12 10:44 A

Welcome back! I bet that's just water weight. It will be off before you know it.

Posts: 132
8/27/12 10:14 A

boo i gained 3 lbs... oh well... at least its a manageable 3 lbs.... man it was HARD watching what i ate on the cruise.... everything was so YUMMY! but now i am home and back on track!

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