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Posts: 2,452
7/13/12 3:26 P

yum... I might just have to start doing this for my lunches! My cousin's wife is from Japan and puts together the most beautiful and cute ones for their 4 year old for her daycare lunch! Wish she lived nearby so she could do them for me too!

Posts: 13,245
7/13/12 2:17 P

I haven't had a bento in ages. but what a great idea

Posts: 4,232
7/13/12 12:04 P

There are bento boxes of many sizes styles and price points.

I go with with the basic Lock Lock plastic containers for everyday, but I have bought cute ones as gifts for others. Someday I would like to buy the fancy Zojirushi or Tiger ones for my son as they are generously sized for a man and great looking too.

Here's a site:

Posts: 147
7/13/12 11:54 A I got my lovely cherry-blossom Kotobuki one from them, as a special Christmas gift for myself. Eating lunch now feels like something special, and not like I'm living on rice and rabbit food... the only catch is that I can't just throw things in a bag and race out the door. Have to actually cook the salmon or chicken or beef strips, etc.

Posts: 5,716
1/22/12 1:43 P

I love a salmon or unangi bento!

Posts: 1,370
1/22/12 11:34 A

DANCEJONES, this site offers all kinds of options:

Posts: 3,800
1/22/12 11:18 A

I have a zojirushi and love it.

Amazon sells them too - check out the bento spark team - they'll give you lots of ideas on Bento boxes and Tiffins. I bought mine at one of the Asian markets in town for much less than I see them on websites for and it was helpful to be able to see the actual sizes vs a pic.

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Posts: 43
12/29/11 6:42 P

Yeah, they sell tons on ebay. That's where I got all mine. You can just go to ebay and type in "bento". I also don't know if this is appropriate or allowed but I am putting a link for a website called "Just Bento" that has ads to where you can buy bentos but be warned they are more expensive there. I just stick with ebay.

Nice to know there are other bento fans! emoticon

Posts: 8
12/29/11 2:28 P

I saw this and now I'm craving Japanese and some delicious sashimi

Posts: 505
12/29/11 1:56 P

I've been looking fo bento boxes for more than a year. All I've found are kid sized snack bento boxes. Do you know of a website where I can order adult bento boxes?

SparkPoints: (528)
Fitness Minutes: (247)
Posts: 43
12/29/11 1:39 P

Hello, does anyone use a bento on this site? If so what kind? I recently found my old ones (a white adult bento and a Hello Kitty snack bento) and I was thinking of picking up the bento maddness again for lunch since it seems to be such a great portion controller. Just wanted to know if there were any other bento fans.

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