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4/22/12 11:32 A

A common migraine trigger for many people are foods high in Tyramine. Naturally found in many aged foods like hard cheeses, dried fruits and things high in yeast or fermented foods. You can do an online search for an extensive list of foods to avoid if you are prone. I found this information very helpful since I use to suffer from daily headaches and now am mostly headache free :)

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4/19/12 8:45 P

How about that ... bananas - I had no idea. THANKS for sharing!

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4/6/12 8:38 P

I will have to pass that info on to a friend of mine who has migraines. She knows about the chocolate/caffeine but I am pretty sure she is unaware of the PB/banana connection. Thx.

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It's amazing how food sensitivities can affect our bodies, isn't it? I'm glad you guys found the problem!

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Migraines can be so difficult to diagnose and treat. I'm so glad your son found a diagnosis and a solution that worked!

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3/18/12 12:32 A

For all you PB lovers, beware the migraine. My son was suffering migraines as a teen. After countless tests for brain tumors the 2nd neurologist we went to handed us a list of foods that might trigger migraines in some people. On the list were caffeine, chocolate, tobacco, and surprise Peanut Butter! Oh, and bananas too. My son was eating at least one banana a day and 2-3 heaping TBLS of PB. When he stopped the PB and the bananas his migraines stopped! He was sad to lose his favorite snack, but happy to be pain and pain pill free

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