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Read Gary Taubes' "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT." It is all about Insulin and sugar/starches. As Dr. Atkin's said no one binges on hard boiled eggs.

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The Story So Far . . .
Just over a week ago I walked into the doctor�s office at the local hospital weight loss clinic with my heart in my mouth. I knew what I wanted to say but just nodding and saying �ok� wasn�t going to cut it for me this time. Ever since my teenage years I have been binge eating to cope with whatever mishaps life threw at me. I�ve always had a weight problem since I was very little and I think one day realising that I had a mountain to climb to get healthy was a bit too much for me to deal with. So I swallowed my pride and I told the young, thin and attractive lady doctor �I think I have a binge eating problem�. Since the start of the year I�ve gained about 1 & � stone. Funnily enough it�s coincided with the death of my Nan (who I was very close to) and the detrition of my marriage (we separated in January). I�m now living back with my parents with my little daughter (15months old) so everything is a bit of a car crash to be honest. So the wonderful NHS have told me that I have to see my own GP about some happy drugs and I�ve got to try not to binge out. So if you yourself are facing the same problems or you just want to see how I get on or even if you feel my journey may inspire you please follow me and comment and let me know what you�re up to!

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