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CHERAN2 Posts: 13
6/12/11 4:10 P

Born 10/9/57. I'm a classic. emoticon

AMERINDO0627 Posts: 105
6/12/11 2:04 A

6/27/57 a week before 4th of July.
Having a great day with friends, walked thedog, enjoyed the sunshine. Pretty awesome day!
Spent time with hubby.
Wishing everyone a wonderful week! emoticon

SHAPEUPNOW1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (28,096)
Posts: 5,614
5/10/11 9:30 P

6/1/1957 It was a good year

BENSMOM105 Posts: 4
5/1/11 9:03 P

1/3/57 does that make me odd?

SIGEHAIZI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (210)
Posts: 2
4/30/11 5:59 A

Born September 11, 1957. Young enough to like the internet, old enough to to say a pencil and paper is often faster!

PDQ1203 Posts: 9,128
4/28/11 8:35 A


DIANNEMT Posts: 12,306
4/17/11 6:23 P

Jan 23--makes my birthday 1-23-57 or the first 5 prime numbers. (Can you tell I'm an engineer?)

SHAPEUPNOW1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (28,096)
Posts: 5,614
4/17/11 4:51 P

June 1st!!!! emoticon

MIKA016 Posts: 2,276
4/17/11 11:38 A

July, 16


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PIXIESTIX6669 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (21,657)
Posts: 1,465
4/12/11 10:36 P

August 21...I may b 53, but most of the time, I feel 23! Thank the gods for Spark, weight lifting and organic food...

KATHI214 Posts: 873
4/12/11 3:00 P

Hi - I was born 6/4/57. Even then I was thinking about food! I was born at 11:35 a.m., just in time for lunch!! emoticon

CELLIST53 Posts: 20
4/12/11 9:54 A

Good morning. I was born on Sept. 17, 1957.
I just started here at Sparks. I need to lose 40 lbs and few inches here and there. Tired of yo yo weight etc. I am hypothyroid/Depression. on meds but don't like being on them. I need to get in shape and stay there. we have a 7 yr old son who is ADHD and very active+++. also have our 1st granddaughter (15 months old) we have 2 daughters(one is 19,my other is 23=she is married has the 1 babygirl) so you see why I need to get in shape also for me to feel well and look well.
thanks for any suggestions, input etc. have a blessed day. emoticon

SHAPEUPNOW1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (28,096)
Posts: 5,614
4/11/11 11:19 P

June 1st!!!

PSYGEN57 SparkPoints: (25,638)
Fitness Minutes: (45,039)
Posts: 42
4/8/11 11:13 P

I'm Patti, born September 29, 1957. Blame it on Sputnik!

HONEYBEEBUZ SparkPoints: (380)
Fitness Minutes: (3,613)
Posts: 384
4/8/11 8:18 P

A few people that were born in 1957! Other than us.

Daniel Day-Lewis
Bill Engvall
Dolph Lundgren
Patty Loveless
Lyle Lovett
Jon Lovitz
Bernie Mac died
Stephanie Mills
Paul Reiser
Judge Reinhold
George Strait
Eddie Van Halen
Vincent Van Patten
Tad Williams
Cindy Wilson

CLAIRELINN SparkPoints: (9,892)
Fitness Minutes: (4,776)
Posts: 188
4/8/11 9:02 A

Hey Ya'll... I am 53...born, May 8, 1957 and am pushing towards losing 13 pounds by my birthday. I am over half way there and need all the support I can get! Looking forward to being 54. Happy Friday! emoticon

4/7/11 7:40 P

Hi all:
December 11, 1957. 53 - well physically anyway.

MUFFY57 SparkPoints: (18,166)
Fitness Minutes: (6,493)
Posts: 28
4/7/11 4:49 P

Hi all. I'm Michelle, born in December of 1957. Chronological age is 53; mental is 28 and physical is 103. emoticon

HONEYBEEBUZ SparkPoints: (380)
Fitness Minutes: (3,613)
Posts: 384
4/7/11 12:34 A

Great Ladies..Happy to meet fellow 57'ers LOL We rock.. yes Fine Wine.. we are not our grandmothers 53 year olds...are we? God Love them!

STARTLIGHT Posts: 1,470
4/6/11 11:51 P

Hi! I'm Pat, I was born on October 26, 1957. I am maturing like a fine wine. Life still goes on as long as you do.

PEGGIE57 SparkPoints: (93,220)
Fitness Minutes: (60,908)
Posts: 5,445
4/6/11 11:37 P

Hi Debbie, I was born on Labor Day in 1957. That's why I'm Peggie57. I was born during a tornado. So, I guess you could say I came in with a bang. I wish you lots of buzzin' & losin' weight.

HONEYBEEBUZ SparkPoints: (380)
Fitness Minutes: (3,613)
Posts: 384
4/6/11 10:48 P

Hi all I am Debbie Born November 25 1957.. Wooo Hooo "57"

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