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7/10/12 12:43 A

Thank you all for the recommendations! I have an amazing blender and could probably just put everything in the fridge in the blender at night and just mix in the AM...

Anyone know of some great smoothie recipes?

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7/9/12 9:27 P

I agree with the suggestions of the others. I also want to mention that I didn't always want breakfast in the mornings myself until very late, but I noticed that when I started eating dinner a little bit earlier (before 7p), I was definitely ready for breakfast soon after waking up. You could try that too.

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7/9/12 8:02 P

Sometimes people who struggle with a breakfast do better by drinking their early morning calories. Smoothies are great, but even a glass of V8 juice will help.

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7/9/12 6:25 P

Things like cheese sticks, Kashi bars (or other bars you may like) baby carrots, grapes are great for on-the-go. You can eat them on your day to daycare. Also, a Greek yogurt is fast & easy to eat while you are getting ready.

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7/9/12 6:00 P

Hi there!!! I would suggest something small. a piece of string cheese. a few strawberries. a restaurant pack of saltines (i think there are 2) even though its just a bite, its something to get your metabolism going. How about a smoothie made with yogurt and fruit? keep some fresh fruit on the counter and pop a couple grapes in your mouth....a handful of blueberries?
ANYTHING is better than nothing!!! Just try to keep it low in saturated fat!
OH!! i also keep a couple hard boiled eggs in the fridge..they are great for a quick snack!!

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7/9/12 2:45 P

I know breakfast is important - but I'm not hungry till around 930 - 10a. I also work full time and find myself running out the door to day care, and am lucky to get my kids breakfast.

Any recommendations?

Mom's are miracle workers... They move mountains everyday!

Remember... it's a marathon not a 50 yard dash!
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