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3/11/10 1:00 A

I use to watch the show with my hubby when I was living down in the US with him .. we always found it funny at how they acted and some of the outrageous stuff that they put their grooms though was down right mind blowing ... I never would put my hubby though any of that if I could well help it.

I didn't out wedding was simple and sweet.

I think the one where the bride wondered an upgrade on her e-ring and wedding ban was nuts, as well as the girl go kept having her ex-hubby send her funds that she was telling him was going towards their kinds but instead it was going towards her wedding that was really annoying to say the least (anyone for him asking for it all back though legal channels when he finds out?)

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
3/4/10 6:24 P

Wow $36,000 for a ring, just wow!

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3/2/10 9:49 A

I was sick a few weeks ago and had to leave work at 10 am. I got home and bundled up on the couch with some hot tea to find a Bridezilla marathon (which I had never seen before) My FI came home to find me engrossed in this show and horror struck by some(ok, ALL) of the brides! He asked me why I was still watching it and I told him it was like knowing a car crash was coming and not being able to look away! Haha. I could never imagine treating Brenden or anyone in the wedding that way.
Even if I do feel strongly about something in the wedding, there is always a proper way to express yourself.
I'm so happy to see that everyone on here is as appaled as I was when I first saw the show!
Happy (non-Bridezilla) Planning :)

JEMSTAR Posts: 682
3/2/10 9:12 A

Caitlin, I don't think I have it in me either.

I just don't see the point in spending a zillion dollars to have every single teeny tiny detail planned out... IMO that can only lead to problems if something gets off-schedule. The bride gets stressed that things aren't working out EXACTLY the way she planned, and then suddenly she's Bridezilla. For what? She's still getting married that day... and honestly, with all the people there, I'd think that flipping out over something stupid is the LAST thing someone would want to do.

CAITLINANN10 Posts: 984
3/1/10 6:44 P

I don't think I have the capacity to be like the Bridezillas on the show. However, I do worry that I'll be a slight bridezilla, even though I'm not that kind of person. I'm just finding that I have way more of an opinion on wedding stuff than I thought I would.

2/28/10 4:48 P

I watch that show whenever I see that it's on (mostly because I am a bit of a fan of schadenfreude). The absolute funniest moment that I remember on the show was when a bridezilla and her groom were ring shopping and she said that she wanted to see the most expensive ring in the store... the conversation went something like this:

Bridezilla: How much does it cost?
Shopkeep: About $36,000
Groom: (shocked sounds escape from his mouth)
Bridezilla: I want it!
Groom: No.
Bridezilla: You don't think I'm worth $36,000?
Groom: Honey, I'M not worth $36,000...

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
10/13/09 3:18 P

I agree Princess Mandie. Most of these woman are already full of themselves. And this Bridal Power Trip, just drives them over the edge.

And they tell the bridesmaids, so what if the bride is making you wear orange and neon green moo moos, with a bee hive hairstyle. It is her day and her prerogative to make you look awful if she desires.

10/12/09 12:55 P

I think most of those women were full of themselves to begin with. My old college roommate is VERY full of herself always has been. I remember her being some what of a bridzilla (thank god I was just a guest and not in the wedding) needless to say her husband cheated on her and they are now divorced.

I have to agree that lightning could catch the church on fire and I would just smile and say "Look fireworks for us". As long as I'm with him for the rest of my life my dress getting dirty, forgetting our vows, flat tires on the way to the service etc are not going to rain on my parade....heck even if it rains I'll just dance in it.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
10/6/09 9:04 P

What I was thinking is that everyone tells the Bride it is her day. And they tell everyone else, to sit down and shut up, because it is the brides day.

Some women can become full of themselves if they hear that over and over. And they do.


SAM_MAKS_MOM Posts: 104
9/26/09 9:41 P

lol i love the Momzilla and auntzilla's :) its so crazy how some people act about details, today i just seen the cake that i want at my wedding, its a huge cake shaped in the shape of a cupcake :) lol it was great! but as a wedding helper ive seen many bridezillas break down, and honestly i have never put myself in the bridesmaid position just because i never would want to put myself in the wrath of someone so horrid. lol, im not saying all bridezillas are mean, but on that show some of the things that are said are so hurtful, i think the last time i watched it this lady was beating her sister in this costume store, lol, i know there were a couple swings, but so far, im just going with the flow, lol, its not at all a big deal to me yet!

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9/25/09 3:44 P

I'm a wedding coordinator and getting married in December. Needless to say, I have seen a few bridezillas and even more MOMzillas and AUNTzillas. I promised to never be like and I havent been yet :) Poor planning is definitely the reason for people to get like that. I can't wait until my wedding, I don't even care if the cake falls over, I just want to eat, drink, and be married :)

THE_MRS0427 Posts: 44
9/25/09 10:28 A

IMO, the reason most of the women on the show act like they do is because of poor planning on their parts. They wait until the last minute to do things and then they stress themselves out. With that being said, I have told numerous people that I am not waiting to do important things like favors and name cards until the last minute. My maid of honor and my mother already have permission to put me in my place if I do start acting like a bridezilla. But I have until 2011 to plan my wedding, so I will be completely fine.

MONG7769 Posts: 13
9/24/09 10:28 A

Since this is my second wedding I'm definitely not in the bridezilla category but the neighbor next door was just in a wedding where the bride was. It was amazing how controlling and self centered and bitchy this woman was.

I wasn't at my first wedding either. I mean, what is the point? Why would you want to be bitchy about something that is supposed to be such a happy occasion? I'm way to low maintenance for that!

9/23/09 4:48 P

OMG ASDOBBER. You reminded me of when I did an internship for a Wedding Planning Company in women can be vicious. The company was very upscale to begin with, but some Brides figured they could get whatever they wanted with "Daddies" money.

I've heard everything from "I'm suing the company" to "You've ruined my wedding" (insert tears of anger and rage) after being told it's impossible or too expensive for their budget or it won't be shipped in time etc.

ASDOBBER Posts: 958
9/23/09 11:47 A

Go sit in a bridal shop some day and see how some women act. I went to look for my dress by myself one day since my bridesmaids and mom live out of state and I was appalled. There were woman that thought since they had a ring everyone should bow to them. It was sad. I felt terrible for the people in the shop. And the worst part is that they put up with that every day. I give them a lot of credit.

My bridesmaids and fiancé have all said they will let me know if I become bridezilla. I have no doubt that they will.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
9/22/09 1:36 P

I saw a clip of that show and found out where the bridezilla got her ugly ways. From her father. Her father was worse than she was.

And she wore this hideous 80's fashion disaster of a wedding dress. Had her bangs curled and her hair permed. She was a fashion don't.

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9/21/09 9:52 P

Bridezilla is still out daughter is not like that though, she's pretty laid back and trying not to get stressed out. She had a maid-of-honorzilla who backed out, so that's probably ok. The other bridesmaids are cool.

TURRRRA Posts: 1,572
9/16/09 11:45 A

Definitely not! I do have some OTHERS involved in the wedding who have been making a big deal over some stuff though.

One bridesmaid has suggested many VERY expensive things for all of the bridesmaids and keeps making a big deal over things. I had to change the dresses for the bridesmaids because of her. She needs to keep in mind that I am providing a lot to my guests at the reception. She had a BYOB reception and we are having an open bar with unlimited beverages, so we can't go all out on EVERYTHING.

I just want to have a great time and stay calm and have fun with the planning. Everyone else has been very helpful and supportive with the planning. I'm having a tough time figuring out the rehearsal time because of my wedding being near Christmas, so that's another issue I've had a few people barking about. Funny thing is, the people coming from out of town are great about it, and those in town are the ones starting trouble.

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
9/10/09 11:40 A

I wasnt a bridezilla myself, but had a maid-of-honour-zilla. Never would have believed anyone that there is such a thing until I actually witnessed it myself. My MOH would make plans with me to look at dresses 3 times, then each time came up with an excuse to why she suddenly couldnt come and meet me (1st time, her mom had to have help grocery shop and refused to move the time of the shoppinf for later, 2nd, she apparently had a family friend in the hospital, when I questioned her a few days later, she had no idea what I was talking about, 3rd time, she said that she has a mild MS attack which she does have, but after the stunt she pulled, I couldnt believe her).

We also went to the wonderful wedding show. Holy crap, the stunt she pulled ther, she made it ALL about her, the world is couples only, theres ne room for singles like her, thats it, shes going back to her ex, having the bad abuse is better than nothing, she deserved to be cheated on by him, the brides on stage are to fat, if this was hollywood, they would never make it, can we go yet, Im hungry and im trying to lose weight (this is coming from a 5'2, 125 pound woman complaining to a 5'2, 225 pound woman), so shes watching what shes eating, but she could eat a chocolate bar because she likes chocolate, the bigger, the better. She couldnt figure out why I was being selfish and refusing to leave. Like hello, I told you 2 hours ago to eat something small at the mall or grab something just in case when we had the chance, you refused, saying that theres no need to. They did offer food there, but so expensive ($6 for a sandwich, I dont think so).

Boy was I ever happy that somehow she forgot she was the MOF. I asked her in late 2005, she never brought up again after the fall of 2006. I got married in August/08. I ended up asking someone else and did mention it to her, she thought it was stupid, and said she understood if I asked her to back down, I said no way.

9/9/09 5:35 P

I have seen the show a few times, and I really hope its fake. Those women are ridiculous. I understand that there is a lot of emotions involved in planning and stuff but c'mon! They are lucky they are even having a wedding behaving that way.

9/4/09 9:27 A

All my family and bridesmaids asked me if I took anything before the wedding because I was so calm. The key is to just enjoy the day!!!

9/4/09 8:16 A

I don't get this whole bridezilla thing! Getting married is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life!

The way I see it is we're committed to each other as we have gotten engaged. This is just a big party to celebrate! emoticon

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
9/2/09 10:51 P

I agree with you Alley2be, a lot of reality shows are not reality at all.

DEPLAM13 Posts: 183
8/29/09 10:52 P

I've watched the show from time to time and it disgusts me how some people act before their wedding. The worst one I've seen is the episode where the bride smashes a gift from her future mother-in-law and then accuses her of dirtying the wedding dress. Then, this bridezilla gives the mother-in-law an ultimatum - "Buy me a new dress or put on boxing gloves and let me beat the crap out of you." The worst part is that the mother-in-law accepted the abuse and the groom didn't even defend his own mother.

I guess I just don't understand why some women make their special day so stressful for themselves and other people.

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MRSALLEY2010 Posts: 66
8/28/09 10:26 A

I don't think you can believe anything you see on TV. I think its all an act. I've heard before that the show 'encourages' the brides to act rudely also.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
8/27/09 8:56 P

I really hope that these women are just acting. Or it is a lot of creative editing.

8/27/09 7:55 P

I hope those brides are acting and are not really that horrible to people.

Because if that is their true personality, I feel sorry for the husband, family, and friends.

AOGOAE Posts: 4,073
8/26/09 5:32 P

I love Bridezillas, cracks me up. Mostly you just wonder 'who would MARRY her?!'
But of course it's mostly for the show, at least, I think so...

No Bridezilla moments for me, although I am kind of worked up about my wedding already!

CO_VANESSA Posts: 1,080
8/25/09 4:49 P

Most of these brides are young and I think the lack of maturity really shows. Most of them are in their early/mid 20's and I think their lack of life experiences contribute to their behavior.
As for those that are on the show that are older... well, I don't know what their excuse could be emoticon LOL!

And for those on this forum that are younger brides, I'm not saying you are going to be Bridezillas. I mean no disrespect to you.

MISTIANN13 Posts: 34
8/24/09 9:44 P

my fiancé and i are planning to be married next year. if i even thought about pulling half the things these girls do i wouldn't be getting married. i don't think if you really love someone you treat them that way.

8/24/09 7:35 P

I watched the show yesterday, and it was sad how rude those brides were to their grooms. I can't believe some of those men continue with the wedding.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
8/24/09 6:43 P

I totally agree with you Angela

ANGELA514 Posts: 28
8/24/09 5:51 P

I believe that the wedding should be a celebration of the life you and your husband will share together, not of your self.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
8/24/09 11:47 A

I am sure they are complete nutjobs, in real life.

The way I see it, it is just another day in your life. Sure an important day. No reason to become a completely mean person and abuse your family.

8/23/09 10:03 A

Usually the women on that show are complete nutjobs in real life anyway. Being a bride has nothing to do with it.

Though I have seen some very normal girls turn ugly once they get that ring. Strange. I've been good so far, but I'm still over a year away from the wedding! I'm sure I'll be fine though. I'm a pretty mellow person.

8/23/09 2:09 A

I like that show. I cannot imagine being disrespectful to my family and friends as some of those brides are to theirs.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
8/22/09 8:44 P

I saw one where the groom did something to make the bride mad. And I am sure it was something silly.

She kept telling him over and over that she was going to break up with him and call off the wedding. And you could hear him begging her not to do that.

That clearly showed that he had some self esteem issues.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
8/22/09 8:43 P

PrincessMandie, that does sound really bad. I don't know how you put up with such abuse.

If I had been the owner of the cake shop, where the bride smashed the cake. I would have told her to get out before I called the police and that she would have to pay for the cake she destroyed.

8/21/09 1:12 P

My (EX) best friend was the biggest bridezilla I've ever known. She asked me to be her maid of honor which I gladly accepted. I did all the things a maid of honor should do for her friend including throwing the bachelorette party. She then proceeded to b!tch at me because I didn't hire a male stripper as she requested (her fiance requested I didn't as she is a flirt which I already knew and tends to be naughty when she's been drinking). She then told me I could not be her maid of honor because I was being a lousy friend even though I'd kept my mouth shut about all her crap. My dress was supposed to be different than the other brides maids and this was about 2 weeks before the wedding that she "demoted" me and I already had my dress. She then complained (at her reception!!!) that I purposely bought a different dress to upstage her and her other brides maids and was just jealous that she was getting married before me. The entire engagement and wedding day she complained to anyone who would listen about how her ring was NOT the one she wanted etc. Needless to say her and her husband did not last long, she is no longer my friend and her ex hubby and I have remained great friends. Oh and after the divorce she claims I stole him from her....

CO_VANESSA Posts: 1,080
8/20/09 6:14 P

I watched a couple episodes last weekend and couldn't believe how some of these women acted. Why did their fiance propose in the first place? I couldn't be in a relationship with a psycho and ALL of these brides were! One woman even smashed a cake because they made vanilla and she wanted chocolate (for the record, she ordered chocolate, then changed her mind to vanilla and then went back and tried to change it again back to chocolate a day before the wedding)!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
8/20/09 3:47 P

My sister and mother said they would be sure to slap me if I ever had a bridezilla moment.

I am not a bride yet though.

I feel that just because someone is a bride that doesn't give them a license to treat the ones they love badly.

And the one bride that said "she hoped her groom choked and died" because he missed the cake tasting. And she was going to get flavors he was allergic to on purpose. I think she needs to rethink getting married.

8/17/09 1:11 P

I have watched this show on occasion as well and have been absolutely floored. I cannot believe these "women" act the way that they do. I wouldn't even think about acting the way these girls do.

ANGELA514 Posts: 28
8/16/09 9:56 P

So Im watching that bridezilla show on TV for the first time and I cant believe how these women act. It makes me wonder if I have done anything to act like that. Has anyone had a bridezilla moment???

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