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2/12/13 5:24 P

On Sundays, I plan my meals for the week and do as much prep as possible. This frees up my time during the week when things are more chaotic. I also try to work out when the kids are sleep or at's hard to stay motivated but exercise and health gives you that boost that you sometimes need to get through the day.

Good luck! emoticon emoticon


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2/11/13 4:27 P

I am a single mother in the since that I am not married, but I have a BF that lives with me. Unfortunately, he has medical issues so he's not able to help out around the house. He tries to help with taking my son to basketball, volleyball, boy scouts and karate, but his health prevents him for doing this. Which in turn, doesn't give me time to go to the gym.

It's tough. But, my son sees that I am working hard for him so it pays off. At least this is what I tell myself!


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2/7/13 9:35 A

I am single mom as well that works and parents and i am finding myself completely drained all the time and frutsrated with no weight at a loss :(

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2/6/13 9:44 P

I hear you on the busy and needing motivation. I go to school full time, work, and raise my toddler on my own. Its hard. But Whats helping me stay motivated is that every time I think o Im too busy... I just tell myself its an excuse. One that has got me in my current weight predicament. So I suck it up and move on.
Also, I agree with pp that being busy helps me. Food wise anyway. I dont sit around and munch as much. And its super important to make time for yourself. When I get up an hour early to work out in quiet my day always seems to go bed. I feel better, and I think my son can tell, or Im just more patient, or both. But either way you need to take care of you so you can be the best mom you can

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1/27/13 7:08 P

Funny thing is, the busier I am the more apt I am to sticking with my plan. When I have a day where I can just goof off or go out, I mess up. Everyone finds different "Sparks" or driving forces to get them going so it's difficult to tell a person what makes them motivated. The one thing though that I truly believe is that you need to make sure whatever it is, don't tie it to something or make it co-dependent on another or something. It makes it too easy to find reasons to quit. Keep the faith.

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1/27/13 3:43 P

When you go to work, park farther away so you can get a little exercise in. Take the stairs. When going grocery shopping, park farther away also. Exercise with the kids - even look up on the internet for exercise videos for kids. I hope this helps emoticon

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1/26/13 9:30 A

I work 2 jobs have 3 small kids and would love to hear tips about how to stay motivated.

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