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6/18/12 8:53 A

thank you so much, just did my first weigh in and I have only lost a pound, def think ur suggestion is the problem, going to attempt to change it:)

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6/15/12 4:57 P

Are you including healthy fats as a part of your diet? I know that I was having difficulty in reaching those daily goals...I started adding 1 tablespoon of olive oil to either cooking or salads. If your calorie ranges are correct take a look at the breakdowns of protein/carbs/fats...and make sure your getting enough.

6/15/12 4:12 P

Just to assure accuracy with your set up and all...
What is your SP calorie range?
What is your typical daily intake?

Dietitian Becky

SCTK519 Posts: 2,085
6/15/12 1:18 P

What kind of foods are you eating? I think that makes a difference. There's a lot more food to eat, for example, if you're trying to eat 2000 calories in apples each day versus 2000 calories in pasta or pizza.

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6/15/12 12:58 P

I was amazed at the suggested caloric intake of 1800-2300 cal/day, I have been eating 1200-1600/day all week (I have only been here a week, lol)
I had it in my head that my weight loss goal was 100 pounds in a year, but I had only set my goal for about 75 pounds to lose.
I fixed that and now the calories are a more believable 1500-1800...which I am still under but don't feel as if I should be stuffing myself to the point of discomfort.

Maybe double check your current weight and desired weight to lose goal?

Tracy, Illinois, CST

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6/15/12 12:46 P

can you give a little more info?

What is your height? Weight? How much do you want to lose per month?
How much exercise are you doing?

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6/15/12 12:39 P

Im having a hard time reaching my calorie goals a day, is it possible they are to high? I feel like Im constantly eating?

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