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4/29/12 10:04 P

This was helpful, thank you! I still didn't find the exact food that I ate, but I did see after you type in the word of the food - right under the search button to the right it says "enter food not listed" and then there was a pop up and I was able to add what I ate and all the nutrition. Pretty cool! Thanks for your help!

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4/29/12 5:22 P

1.Roll your mouse over “My Trackers” in the top left corner of the screen.
2.Click on “My Nutrition,” which is the second link down.
3.You’ll now see your Nutrition Tracker page.
4.Roll your mouse over "Tracker Options" (just below the date on your Nutrition Tracker).
5.Click on “Don’t Show Meal Plans."
6.Your meal plan will then be removed.
7.Type the name of the food you want to look for in the "Search" box that says "What did you eat?”
8.Select the search option “Any of these words” or “All of these words” by clicking on the radio button for the option you would like.
9.Click on “Search.”
10.Click on the food that you had, or the food that is closest to what you had.
11.Type in your serving size in the box next to the "Add" heading. Note: The down arrow usually has other serving size choices. You can also type in decimals for your serving size. For example, .25, 1.5, etc.
12.Select the meal you would like to add this food to (breakfast, snack, etc.) by using the drop-down menu next to the “To” heading.
13.Select the checkbox to “Add this food to My Favorites” list if you would like to access it quickly in the future.
14.Click on "Add Food to Tracker" at the bottom to add this to your Nutrition Tracker for that day

This was the answer to the question about how to track your own food manually. I think you already turned plans off .. Just follow steps 7-14 till you get the hang of the tracker.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/29/12 5:19 P

Are there meals on your tracker? If not, you aren't using there plans. Just hit the add a food button, and then click on Enter a food not listed. fill in info, save, and add to your menu.

I never used the SP plan, so not sure what it would look like if the plan is in place. If you have meal plans on your tracker, check your start page. Maybe something on that page can turn off meal plans. OR someon else will supply the answer

Hope you get it all figured out

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4/29/12 2:52 P

Hi Russel, when I go to Tracker options there are only 3 options when I click the down arror there. 1) Show meal plan. 2) Add extra meal category, and 3) Change diet settings. I don't see where I can click Off SP... Thanks for your help... Debbie

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/29/12 2:17 P

Right below the date, there is a tracker option button. Just click off SP meal plans, and then manually enter the foods you eat.

I have all mine saved to favorites, and then you just click on them, and the day is planned in 2-3 minutes.

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4/29/12 1:54 P

You can add foods to the tracker or if it's easier for you to write it down in a notebook, that works well too.

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4/29/12 1:31 P

Not sure where I can just put in food and put in a calorie amount manually. I don't want to look through the various options, just want to put in a food and put in the calories manually. For instance, this morning, I had some oatmeal and I went through all the oatmeal options but none had the exact number of calories the box said. SparkPeople came close, but it was about 10 calories different. Is there a place I can just plug in the number, ex: 170 for the number of calories? Thanks!!

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