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we do a layered meal salad.
on the bottom goes a layer of leafy salad (we use spring mix).
then a layer of thinly sliced boiled potatoes (hot or cold)
then a layer of sliced carrots (hot or cold)
then a layer of flaked salmon (or tuna or cod or whatever fish)
top with hot onions and garlic sauteed in olive oil.
add salt and pepper if you wish (I saute thin sliced onions and sprinkle a little garlic salt with it and skip the fresh garlic.)
I like the contrast between hot and cold ingredients.
you can garnish with olives or capers.
sometimes I boil hard green bananas or yucca and use them instead of the potatoes

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10/14/12 11:45 A

We love making salmon patties -- cracker crumbs, dill, Old Bay seasoning, and an egg. If it's too dry I add a little milk. Fry them up and use Healthy Request Cr of Mush soup (undiluted) as a sauce. Yummy! If you like a little more kick, add some creole seasoning or more Old Bay.

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It's cheap, healthy and boring. Anyone have some tasty, healthy, cheap, easy favorite recipes that call for canned salmon?

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