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3/27/12 10:37 A

I have 2 different types of work outs. I've been swimming since I could walk, and it's always kept me in shape and given me good lungs, etc etc. But it's never gotten me into shape. I mean sure I'm losing a few lbs here and there, but Im more motivated when I see big results. This being said, I like to go to the gym and do the cardio machines. The "lazy machines" as my friends call them; the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, etc. To prove to my friends I can actually get in shape with them, I signed up to do a 5k in June and need to get to work on the training. The problem I have is that I LOVE going to the pool and I go every morning, but I have the hardest time going to the gym to work out. I know once I get myself set on a routine, it'll be fine, but I can't make it to the "21 times makes a habit" part. I can get up at 530am, in 28 degree weather to go swimming, but I just can't get motivated to work out. What can I do to get myself excited about going to the gym?

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3/27/12 10:20 A

Make goals and remind yourself with every choice that you are building a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. Food is fuel and when you think of it that way it works to motivate clean, nutrient rich food in proper proportions to make exercise fun.

Resolve that you will do what it takes to lose weight in a healthy way and like RedSky said sometimes you "just do it" and allow your healthy choices to become habits. emoticon

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3/26/12 6:02 P

You're not going to be super motivated every single day. Sometimes you'll wake up not wanting to go to the gym, but you have to do it anyways. Go and have a workout right now! Once you get used to it, most of the time its fun, but sometimes you have to just do it.

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3/26/12 4:42 P

When i started i was motivated and really excited to loose weight.. Well a week later i stopped my workouts and stopped eating right.. I gained a pound :(.. Now i want to get back on track but need the help..

Any suggestions?

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