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10/17/12 6:30 A

Losing 10% of your body weight is definitely worth celebrating, regardless of whether you feel you have further to go or not.

Perhaps try getting your body fat percentage tested - this is often a better measure of your overall health than weight alone. People who exercise regularly often have more lean mass (and thus more total weight) than those who don't, but are considerably healthier.


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10/16/12 10:44 P

Great job! You should certainly celebrate, not only the loss but the new energy you feel and being happy where you are now. Maybe you should talk more with your doctor and ask for a more detailed answer, not just based on the numbers. Good luck!

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10/16/12 4:49 P

Celebrate reaching goals and keep going! Great job!

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10/16/12 12:31 P

Way to go!

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10/16/12 10:47 A

Thank You! I feel pretty good about myself and with so much energy!

10/16/12 10:17 A

First of all: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Under 140 is my goal, but at 4'11" I know I will need to go farther. Under 138 just gets me out of being obese, "BMI-ily" speaking. My ultimate goal is to have a "normal" BMI.

But for you - you seem to feel great and proud of your weight loss. Do you feel like it's enough? Did the doctor say why you should loose more? I think you should enjoy your weight loss and maintain it for a while to see if it really fits you, unless there is a reason to loose more.

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10/16/12 9:48 A

I was so excited because I am finally under 140lbs. I went to my doctor only to find out I still need to lose 13lbs! I am 5'3" and weight 138lbs. Am I really over weight? For the first time in my life I am happy with the way I look and feel. Do I really need emoticon to shed more pounds???????

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