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Here are a few restaurant tricks
+ Rub a skin on, boneless breast with olive oil(oiling the meat not the pan you use much less oil). sear in an oven safe skillet. When the skin has browned nicely, turn breasts and add a thin layer of chicken stock or white wine to the pan. put a lid on and finish either on the stove or in a 400 F oven. Remove chicken from the pan, let cool. Remove skin if desired, slice or pull meat, toss in reduced pan sauce, chill. When cold, portion chicken.
+ Marinate chicken in plain yogurt or buttermilk with favorite seasonings at least 1 hour.
Yogurt chicken can be baked in the marinade, buttermilk should be drained before baking.

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5/23/12 4:52 P

Do you have weekend time?

I have a stoneware pot that barely fits a whole chicken, and I roast it covered at 350 for about 2 hours. (Crock pot on low for four hours might be okay, check the temperature.)

You want to skin the chicken as soon as it's cool enough to handle because congealed drippings is only pleasant if the skin on your hands is really dry. Tear the bird into sections, dip in the drippings, and then store in a separate glass container with an airtight lid. Save the rest of the drippings and any bones that come loose.

It will take 15 minutes tops to strip some cold chicken off the bones and decide whether you need to add some drippings back into your dish. If the texture is a bit rubbery, fry it a little bit in its own fat.

If you just like breasts, try the bone-in variety. One hour in the frying pan with three split breasts should cover you for the week. Start on high, rub the pan with a bit of fatty tissue, brown skin side and turn to bone side, put on low and leave covered for an hour, adding a bit of water if it wants to burn.

Save all of the skin and bones in the freezer and make a broth once you get too many bones.

If you're going individual quick frozen boneless breasts, I'd go with a really good nonstick pan and starting cold... Not sure if it would be done in 20 minutes.

If you can get monthly prep time for all of your chicken, freeze them in 3-day packs encased in chicken bone aspic. (Having a bunch of cartilage in bones that you are rendering for stock will result in a gelatin.)

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5/22/12 10:24 A

I bake my chicken portions in a spicy yogurt mixture in a lidded casserole. The amount of yogurt mixture will vary depending on how many servings you are cooking, but if like me you like to cook plenty ahead the cooked chicken can be taken off the bone and stored portioned in the cooked mixture in the freezer for future meals.
Mix one 500g tub of yogurt with one or two tablespoonfuls of either Tandoori or Marsala spices plus a tablespoon of either lemon or lime juice. Stir well and mix with skinless the chicken portions. Store covered in the refridgerator overnight or for at least one hour. Bake the portions in the marinade as you normally would cook a chicken casserole, until a skewer releases clear juices from the meat. The cooked marinade will curdle a little, but tastes great and can be used in place of mayonaise if you are making sandwiches or a salad, or in place of gravy if serving hot.
Another advantage of this is that there is no added salt, but it is in no way bland.

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5/13/12 8:37 A

I highly recommend trying slow roasted chicken like in this recipe:

Also if you store the chicken in a little broth it will "drink" it up and stay moist in the refrigerator.

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5/12/12 8:25 P

I poach my chicken a lot as well - but I have found that IF you store them in a ziplock bag & when you're ready to warm one up, use the ziplock, Just partially unzip (about 3/4 of an inch) & then nuke it for 35-45 seconds (depending on size) - it's almost always very tender & juicy!

give it a try1

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5/12/12 4:24 P

I broil chicken breasts and cut them up to put in salads. About 5-7 minutes on each side makes them cook thoroughly without drying out.

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5/9/12 3:21 P

Boiling is your problem, this will always dry out chicken. A great quick and tasty way is to use a Foreman Grill. It gets a good seer, no added oils, and it cooks in about 4-6 minutes depending on the thickness. I have also found that they work great as a panini press!

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5/9/12 2:53 P

sounds like you are overcooking it... a thin chicken breast should could in about 12-15 minutes in the oven at 400... when you cut it, juices should run out..if not then it's overcooked

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5/5/12 12:57 P

I poach chicken in a pan, usually - basically fry it a minute or two to get a browned appearance, then add a half cup of water and cover, cook 15-20 minutes.

Chicken does tend to dry out as a leftover, but this is the least dry way as possible.

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I think you may be over cooking your chicken. It really cooks quite quickly and keeps on cooking once it is out of the pot.

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I fry (in Pam) boneless breasts in the evening and am then ready for lunch prep the next morning. You can even make a chicken salad that evening. I usually make a sandwich on w/w deli thins with low fat mayo and sliced cucumbers. Sometimes it's just chicken with some cottage cheese. Have never steamed chicken. Maybe that's the drying out problem.

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5/4/12 3:21 A

i have taken out 30 min in morning to pack my whole day meals
breakfast, lunch, 2 snacks

i want to include chicken fillet in either lunch or breakfast

i steam chicken in morning and
once included in sandwich
and today made boiled chicken salad out of it for lunch

both days it was too dry that i had to buy a drink just to wash it down

i get 30 minutes, please suggest me how can i prepare my Boneless Chicken
(30 min for packing and preparing all 4 meals)

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