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-GRUMPY- Posts: 457
8/15/10 9:05 A

Thank you. My son is fine now. Good luck to you.

KCGOOCH Posts: 84
8/14/10 9:36 P

I hope the surgery went well! That is such a scary thing!
I can relate because my youngest son just went through his second broken nose surgery within 8 weeks (first, a trip down the slide face first met a knee running up the slide and second, a miss-catch of the football during conditioning last week). My daughter broke her neck last Memorial Day as the monkey bar (at the JCC/YMCA) came loose and she fell 6 feet on her head. She had a 5 1/2 hour surgery. She is great now...just keeps getting cut from teams. UGH.
So, we have been through A LOT. We are only given what we can handle!! Saying prayers for your family!!

LMCANADA Posts: 631
8/14/10 2:41 P

I can imagine the stress you've been going through...keep your head up, I'm sure everything will be fine!!


NORDAKOTA Posts: 696
8/8/10 8:53 A

I hope everything went well!

REACHBRENDA_2 Posts: 1,031
8/7/10 11:42 A

sorry I have never been in your shoes with a child in surgery. But I will say alittle pray for your little guy. Remember to be strong. You will both come out of this alot better. You can do it.

BOOKLUVAH Posts: 144
8/6/10 1:10 P

I totally understand and sympathize. I think it is harder on the parents sometimes. Kids just seem to jump right up and are off again. My now 4 year old has had 3 surgeries (2 for eye muscles and 1 for herniated belly button). The waiting is horrible. Saying a little prayer for you guys.

CELESTE617 Posts: 690
8/6/10 12:51 P

I have a 15 year old boy and a 7 year old girl. I love them to pieces. My husband and they are my life. I am losing this weight and getting healthier for them, and myself too, but for them and they are proud of that I'm doing.

-GRUMPY- Posts: 457
8/6/10 12:46 P

My 10 year old son is having an operation today...nothing serious but stressful just the same. I am on this website trying to distract myself while I wait.

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