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COOKIE352 Posts: 443
3/30/13 5:56 A

Stairs are a good workout. If you are a beginner you can take it slow. If you are advanced you can ramp it up.

3/29/13 10:09 A

Thank you for all the feed back :)
I went ahead and took the steps this morning. Was trotting up the steps, doing good until about floor 4. Then, my pace slowed. I forgot to time myself but I think I was well under 10 minutes. So, 8 flights of stairs in under 10 minutes.. I feel the burn. LOL!
Next time I will time it and see if it is worth tracking or just chalk it up to a good a.m. cardio boost.

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
3/28/13 9:29 P

I was just giving thought today to adding stairs to my workouts. I climb four flights of stairs in my parking deck at work and I still get winded every time. While I think I would track it if it took 10+ minutes (thankfully it doesn't!), my goal is just to be able to do it effortlessly, you know what I mean? It frustrates me that I can run a mile but still get winded when going up stairs.

IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
3/28/13 12:37 P

1 or 2 flights of stairs, I probably wouldn't track, but If you're doing 7-8 flights of stairs I would go ahead and track it if you're going at a pretty good pace and it takes you 10 minutes or more. Personally I would track it under the stair stepper because the calories burned in the tracker are a bit higher than regular walking, but not a lot more and that sounds about right. It's always just an estimate anyway.

JENSTRESS Posts: 3,481
3/28/13 11:37 A

Just going up stairs isn't considered exercise to track, that is counted as daily activity. I don't track the steps I take every day. I just count my actual "workouts".

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (108,037)
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3/28/13 11:28 A

re:the knee - hmmm. I'd check with your doc. Climbing stairs is more strenuous than walking.

tracking - I do bleacher workouts once or twice a week. I just added it to my favorites; I keep track of the time, count the number of bleachers I climb and I wear my HRM to estimate the calories burned.
(my new PR for bleachers is 1050 emoticon )

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3/28/13 11:20 A

I work on the 8th floor and want to start walking up the stairs a couple times a week.. Would I track it as walking? Or is there a stariclimbing entry in the Fitness Tracker to use (that isn't stair stepper machine)? Do I count steps and time?
Open to suggestions. And is walking up or down stairs easier on the knees? I have a bad knee..

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