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7/24/12 6:40 P

I have to say that at this point in my journey, I'm not even sure what my "comfort" foods are OR would be. Actually IF I could or would anything I wanted, it would be some popcorn (I'm off grains & certain veggies right now)....but I'll add it I think a nice bowl of popcorn would be my "comfort" food!

Have an awesome day!

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7/24/12 4:48 P

When I make chicken stock, I boil a carcass from a roasted chicken we ate for dinner. What ever is left on the bone goes into the pot with lots of garlic and black pepper and of course the seasons that I roasted the chicken with are still floating around. After I boil it for a good 40 minutes I strain it and let it cool in the fridge. Once the fat has hardened on top I spoon it off and freeze it in zip locks. So I have a good low fat/salt base to start. Then I add from there. Now mind you I don't always do this...lots of times I will make it in the pot right after boiling it off...with all it's fat!

I find adding lots of carrots and onions give the broth a nice flavor. I also love kale so that goes in to the pot too.

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7/24/12 4:40 P

Made homemade chicken noodle last night. Was delicious! I could have made it healthier but..I boiled the chicken with the skin on, took it out once cooked and threw the skin away. Homeny, carrots, and elbow macs. I think I put to many macs too ;) It was good though! Topped it off with homemade blueberry pie, crust was salt,sugar free, make with vegetable oil no butter... (was going to use evoo but decided on veg :s ... And blueberries and apples all sweetened with splenda! Hit the spot

How do you make chicken noodle with great flavor and low sodium/fat? I use lots of seasonings but somehow it's just nessisary.

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