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6/15/12 7:51 A

how often does this happen? if it's more than a biweekly occurrence, you do need to take some steps to fix it [and part of that is checking earlier in the day to make sure you're on track]. one off day here and there isn't an issue, but if it's regularly happening, you need to address it. and 3/4 days is definitely regularly happening.
another part of it is what your ranges are. if your minimum is 1200, well, it's pretty much impossible to get all the nutrients you need in less than that amount. so eating that extra 400 cals to make it is important. and if you're wondering what you should eat, make sure you're tracking an assortment of vitamins and minerals and seeing what you're lacking can help guide your choices of what to eat. if your minimum is 2000 cals, eating 1600 cals every now and then is a little less of an issue. and that's okay to do weekly or so.
but also keep in mind the patterns you're setting up. you undereat one day. you undereat a second day. you overeat the third day. so if you're undereating again on the fourth day, it could be priming you to overeat in the next day or two. in a sense, this could be calorie cycling. again, if your minimum is 1200, you need to be meeting that. if it's higher, and especially if it's over 1600, you have some room to play, just make sure that on average you're in your ranges, and that you aren't trying to use a 200 cal day to make up for a 2300 cal day.

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6/15/12 5:06 A

I feel best when I listen to my body. If I need fuel, it lets me know. If I move less, it needs less.
Are you exercising?

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6/15/12 2:13 A

You don't need to eat right now.

Coming up 400 cal short every day is a big problem, but now and then won't hurt, especially if you were up by that much yesterday.

If you're always either over or under and find it so difficult to be in the range, you need to stop tracking "as you eat" and start pre-planning your days. Track for tomorrow NOW. Plan what you'll eat and when, make it fit the ranges, and (the key thing) tomorrow actually DO it. Stick to the plan. You will know all day that "it's okay to eat this now, it's not going to put me over, because it's in my plan".

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6/14/12 10:09 P

you'll get the hang of it!!

my nutrition tracker is opened...feel free to snoop!! emoticon

6/14/12 9:29 P

Ok, So I see someone else below me kind of had the same question, and you guys basically said to spread it out more. Balance the fats out throughout the day. I think that's part of my problem. I am used to craving bad foods like homemade burgers or read meats, and fried things. So I think maybe I was inadvertently curbing my meals and then splurging at dinner. I have to get better at eating smaller more balanced meals and get away from the idea of eating a large supper.

6/14/12 9:19 P

Ok, so I have a question. I still have over 400 cals and nearly 20 grams of fat till I get to my minimum for the day. I am not hungry but I'm also trying to break myself of eating out of boredom. Do I have to eat something? I looked at what we have left in the fridge/pantry and all I could come up with would be some carrots and full fat caesar dressing, or maybe some roasted potatoes, with a little oil drizzled on and baked. But like I said, I'm not hungry. In fact, I had a bad day yesterday and went over my max cals/fat by about that much. And then I had two under days before that. I seem to either be coming up short, because I am trying to make better choices, or like yesterday I splurged and just really wanted a burger and tater tots. Not sure what to do. If you find you are coming up short at the end of the day, do you make yourself eat or do you just let it go and try to do better the next day at spreading out the cals throughout the day?

I was originally saving up some cals/fat for dinner because I was planning on making dirty rice. But then I didn't feel like cookies so I just had some leftover soup, and yeh, I'm way under. What is the best thing to do in this situation?

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