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KAYEMM3 Posts: 1,577
6/29/12 8:25 P

I like to use greek yogurt for extra protein. I've also switched out some of my favorite dip ingredients and made fat free plain greek yogurt the base and use that in some of my recipes. I also use protein powder or eggs to have something high protein, low cal.

6/29/12 2:41 P

I agree with Unident, you can't just look at one macronutrient, you have to balance all three: fat, carbs, protein. If protein is low, it means either fat and/or carbs is on the high side (maybe not out of range, but high). You can't just add protein in and keep everything else the same.

Whichever one is high, try to sub that out in favor of protein-rich foods. For instance, if your carbs are high and you eat waffles every morning for breakfast, you could eat only one waffle and one egg. That will be less carbs and more protein.

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6/29/12 1:06 P

Swap out a high fat calorie laden snack or side dish for 1/2 cup of beans. Most types are about 100 calories per 1/2 C and are low in fat (0-1 grams) and 7-8 grams of protein.
Watch out for 100 calorie snacks. I've got a thing for Smartfood Popcorn and it is 100 calories a serving but 60 calories (6 grams) fat in that little bag.
I've recently switched my 100 calorie packs for roasted chickpeas (1/4 C serving and now I am making my minimum carbs, protein and fiber without any difficulty.)

6/29/12 7:32 A

Your sparkpage and tracker is not shared publicly so it's hard to help when we can't see what it is you're eating.

If you're not getting enough protein the problem is more likely that you're eating too many processed/packaged foods (which are stripped of their nutrition, including protein) and not enough unprocessed, whole, real foods than an issue of needing more protein rich foods. All whole foods contain protein...even vegetables, grains, and fruit (though most fruit doesn't have much). A serving of whole grain pasta or bread often has 8 or so grams. A package of frozen broccoli has more than that! Even a serving of green peas has quite a bit of protein.

If you're not meeting your minimum protein needs the question of 'what are you eating that lacks nutrition?' needs to be asked. If you remove the empty calories and add real food you should find meeting your protein needs is pretty easy.

128PERFECT Posts: 3,026
6/29/12 6:55 A

greek yogurt.

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6/28/12 11:59 P

You could have a protein shake as a snack, protein bars, or my FAVORITE cottage cheese. I add an orange to it, pineapple, or what ever fruit you want.

I eat the low fat kind and it has 12grams per half cup. You could also eat greek yogurt for around 100calories and I believe some have around 14 grams, There are so may flavors.

Eating eggwhites for breakfast or boiled eggs (without the yolk) are around 15calories per egg. They have 4 grams of protein.

*just a note* there are so many resources for nutrition info that these are the answers i found but you can double check for accuracy. Im pretty confident these are correct but you can look for yourself if you want.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/28/12 9:34 P

Protein has 4 calories per gram - there is no way to add protein without calories - it comes with them.

What you have to do, is say "If I am meeting calories but low on protein, is it carbs or fat that I'm eating too much of and where can I cut THAT down?"

By cutting back on whatever other macronutrient is 'too high', you will find you have caloric room for protein-laden foods that will help you meet the protein range.

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6/28/12 9:16 P

In looking at my nutrition tracker, over the last month, I don't seem to be getting enough. Any quick tips for adding more protein without adding a bunch of calories?

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