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9/27/12 1:05 P

Thanks a lot! emoticon

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9/26/12 9:16 P

I count edamame more as a carb/protein, and avocado as a fat, but they both have a lot of fiber, which is kind of a bonus.

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According to choose my plate, these foods actually can fall in more than one food group. And you would put them in the food group based on how you are using the food at that meal.

Edamames: Can be a vegetable of protein food. Are you using it as your protein for the meal or as a side veggie dish.

Avacado: Can be a veggie or a fat, based on how you are using it.

Hope this helps
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9/26/12 2:21 P

Yes they count, just keep them in check with your fat/calories and you can enjoy them. Everything in moderation. Avocado is a GREAT fat to choose when getting your fat grams in. I love to put it on a burger or sandwiches. Just make sure you know the true serving size of each so you track it correctly.

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QDUEIAEDT215 Posts: 138
9/26/12 2:19 P

This might be a stupid question ... but I love avacado & edamame.
I just am wondering if they count towards my daily veggies... or do they not count since they are higher in fat than most vegetables.

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