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RNORMAN75 Posts: 283
9/7/11 10:11 A

With most crockpots these days you can set how long you want it to cook... 8 hours on low, 4 hours on high, ect. then when that time is up it goes into a "keep warm" mode. This would be much safer.

RNORMAN75 Posts: 283
9/7/11 10:09 A

My concern here is how long are you having the food just sit on the counter at room temp before starting the cooking process?

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
9/6/11 8:53 P

Use a timer like the one you would use to turn off and on lights.
Try it one day when you are home,maybe on the weekend to make sure it works the way you want it to !!

MRAASCH42 SparkPoints: (28,842)
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9/6/11 6:15 P

Has anyone ever used a timer on there crockpot for it to start when your not home? Just want to make sure its safe before trying it.


LANSELMI SparkPoints: (60,381)
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9/6/11 6:02 P

I love my crockpot, but didn't realize you could set a timer on it...good to know! I will look into that

MRAASCH42 SparkPoints: (28,842)
Fitness Minutes: (7,999)
Posts: 109
9/6/11 4:28 P

I just recently bought a crockpot and only used it once. I was just wondering if anyone has used one of those light timer things on a crockpot so that it can start cooking when I am at work. Id like to use it more often, but I am not home a lot and some of my shifts are longer than the 8hrs it takes to cook some recipes. Plus I am not a morning person at all, so it would be great if I could set it to start it at like8am for it to be ready for dinner, or at 4am, so it would be ready for lunch.



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