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8/30/12 8:19 P

Curves is great, the problem may be motivation. For Curves, if you get there regularly you will feel and notice a difference.

MAMA_CD...count your blessings!
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8/30/12 11:47 A

Go for it!
I was a Curves member for 5 years and I loved it. My Curves moved to a new location that was farther away than I wanted to drive every morning, so I ended up dropping out.


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Which do you prefer?
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8/29/12 6:04 P

TURTLEMONSTER - if this is what you feel you need, then it is definitely worth a try. It will get you out and amongst others and also why you are there you will be exercising, bot of which could help you with your depression. Where it comes to the Depression, have you discussed this with your Dr? IF you aren't receiving help for it, then DO make an appointment. There are often medical causes for it, including Hypothyroidism and a few others, most of which can be detected via a simple blood test. IF this is the problem, then it is usually easily remedied. If you are on meds for Depression, then it may be time for the Dr to review what you are taking, and perhaps try something different. Meds can and do become less effective over time with a lot of people.

Good luck,

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8/29/12 11:37 A


If you believe going Curves will help get you motivated, then by all means you may want to check into Curves. You may want to try doing small 10 minute workouts a few times a day. For many people trying to drastically alter their way of living too soon into their journey can leave them overwhelmed and the minute they fall short of meeting their goal(s) they throw in the towel. But by breaking down their goals, it makes them more attainable and over time they are able to do more.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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8/29/12 11:20 A

Try it!
The experiences of others do not matter. You have to see for yourself if it works for you.

Many Curves have a free trial week. Give yours a call!

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8/29/12 10:46 A

due to my depression, I am having a very difficult time exercising or even wanting to get started. I have several equipment tools at home that would provide me with what I need, but somehow it's just hard to want to do it. I gained 6 pounds over the last 2 months and noticed more stiffness around the joints., also get more stiff than usual after sitting down for a while. I was thinking about joining Curves so that I can get motivated to exercise. What do you think about Curves and would you recommend it. emoticon

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