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7/25/12 3:38 P

"I have such a big problem with taking in too much sodium and I don't know how to cut it out "

When you log your food, you can see which ones are high in sodium.
Cut those out.

I average 1500 mg, so it is possible to take in less.

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7/25/12 3:35 P

Start by switching from salt to a salt substitute (I use Mrs.Dash original blend). After that, educate yourself on the amount of salt in prepared foods, and choose ones with lower sodium. It's difficult, but worth doing.

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7/25/12 3:27 P

I am diabetic and I have swelling very bad if I don't watch it. So I completely understand and it is hard. You can use NO SALT which is the brand name for it. IT is pure potassium but it has a salt taste so you don't have to eliminate salt just eliminate real salt. Also, sometimes I use sea salt only and it works in the body a little different. It depends on your body but the no salt is pretty good alternative. Good Luck! emoticon emoticon

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7/25/12 2:36 P

Read those labels. Prepackaged foods are the biggest culprit... a can of soup can have HUNDREDS of milligrams of soda.

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7/25/12 2:28 P

How do I do this? I have such a big problem with taking in too much sodium and I don't know how to cut it out because bloating is one of the worst diet breaker for me.

I work a night audit job and go to school full time, mind you, so (although I plan to start cooking at work for the next day) what would you guys suggest for cutting out sodium other than cooking your own meals?


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