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Please don't assume it is the same as beef. Deer has much less fat, and will be quite tough because of this. I would suggest you marinade it for about an hour before you cook it, and don't overcook it, it is best a bit rare. A good marinade I found is chopped garlic, sesame seed oil (just a few drops, it's very strong) and some soy sauce, sometimes I add a bit of tomato juice, but not required. Do not cover the meat completely with the marinade, you only need a little bit in the bottom of a bowl, and turn it over after about 1/2 of the time you have it in the marinade. It is a wonderful meat if cooked correctly. As my husband used to hunt, we have eaten lots of deer, moose, elk, etc., deer is the best of the bunch by far though.

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6/8/12 10:58 A

I would assume you could do venison steaks as you would beef... just make sure you use some oil and cut the length of cooking as they are so lean that they would dry out quickly. I do know that I am not a fan of venison ribs. My dad did them one year and the fat on them was viscous and stuck to the roof of the mouth in a very nasty way. I suppose if more of the fat was trimmed then they would have been better but they way he cooked them it was really yucky.

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6/7/12 10:15 A

I would really like to fix some deer meat on the grill ! Anyone got a favorite recipe ? Or anything else thats awesome on the grill ! emoticon

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