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7/8/13 4:28 A


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7/2/13 3:29 P


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7/2/13 2:18 P

Almost into 260-ville! I just got there today. You're doing great! emoticon

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7/1/13 2:58 P

Huge CONGRATS to you!!!!!!


Kathy from southern West Virginia

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7/1/13 2:40 P


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7/1/13 5:41 A

emoticon on your 25 pounds weight loss! emoticon

Love, Light & Laughter,

*~* Monika *~*
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6/29/13 2:16 P


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6/28/13 3:27 P


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6/25/13 4:36 A

SBJONES062010, Wow! I am impressed! That is a remarkable number. Surround yourself with Sparkpeople articles, emails, exercise videos, and other Sparkpeeps and they will totally change your life in every positive, uplifting, and lasting way.

Keep us posted on your progress. Spark On!

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6/24/13 11:49 P

I was wondering the same thing too. Thanks to other sparkers that replied here, I figured out how to get the 20lb trophy on my page. But, how do you set it as your profile picture?

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6/24/13 6:52 P

Great news! Keep up the good work!

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6/23/13 1:53 P


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6/23/13 11:50 A

emoticon emoticon

~Jennie ~

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6/23/13 10:29 A


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6/22/13 6:21 P


To get your 25 pound loss trophy go to the "awards" tab on your sparkpage and click "manage trophies" at the bottom of the right box. Then click " Add weight loss & sparkversary trophies".


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Want thingamabobs?... I got 20.
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6/22/13 2:17 P

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's fantastic!!

This link will show you how to get the pounds lost award. Look under the weight loss section! Congratulations again!

April in Missouri

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6/22/13 2:03 P

i AM OFFICIALLY DOWN 25 LBS FROM MARCH 17!!! I am sooo excited (hooray!)... Anyone know where I get one of those nifty spark thingies that say "25 lbs lost"?

Sara Bell

"Its amazing what you can accomplish once your mind sets its self to something" - a US veteran that I met from Ride 2 Recovery.
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