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CWHITE0105 SparkPoints: (13,870)
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8/11/12 7:40 P

Any closer to adding a no dairy option for the meal plans? It sure would make the site more user friendly. Thanks

LILOCHAN SparkPoints: (0)
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2/3/12 10:02 P

Thanks I'll try it out!

HIP-MOM Posts: 1,744
1/31/12 10:08 A

I just got a recipe emailed to me from the Gluten Free Pantry. She used Cashew Milk in place of cheese for an Eggplant Lasagna! Cashew Milk is simple to make too.

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LILOCHAN SparkPoints: (0)
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1/31/12 7:16 A

I agree. I would love to see a dairy free option. It looks like you can only substitute cheese or milk products with soy milk on the meal plans. Anybody have any other good substitutions?

ANTI_M SparkPoints: (9,224)
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1/3/12 4:53 P

I too am on the no/little dairy bandwagon. It aggravates my arthritis to no end, while I can get away with an ounce or two of yogurt or cheese, consuming dairy is literally painful for me. I also cannot have soy, as my breast cancer was estrogen positive. I struggle with good protein choices for breakfast, as I shouldn't have eggs daily, and most breakfast meats are too high in sodium (cholesterol/BO concerns).

Peanut butter only goes so far!

I'm thinking hummus and other Middle Eastern choices, such as muhamarra. I can make these things myself, but they don't fit easily into any existing meal plans!

As for milk substitutes, rice milk and coconut milk are fine now and then, but are not straight substitutes. I don't use almond milk, it upsets my system, too fatty I think.

Any more ideas?

HIP-MOM Posts: 1,744
12/29/11 9:28 P

I hope Spark could add that feature soon, they do keep adding nice modifications to the site every so often. There are so many people with different diet restrictions these days, but dairy free is such a standard one and old school. LOL!

VARUAL SparkPoints: (0)
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12/29/11 2:25 A

Those are all wonderful suggestions. :) Thank you.

I just wish they were already part of the programmed menus, because that makes it easier. I love having a planned menu to follow because I am so busy. I know there are options out there, I just wish they were already here. :)

I don't usually care for "fake" cheese (except in salads sometimes they are okay) and many aren't actually milk free, so I tend to avoid them. I'm not strictly vegan, I just have a milk allergy. I would love to be able to create a menu that avoids most flesh and all milk products.

Lastly, I find that often menus rely on cheese to make a meal satisfying and to up the calcium and protein. Just omitting it doesn't balance out the menu or deal with the issue of tastiness. C'mon sparkpeople! I know you can make it happen! :) :) :)

HIP-MOM Posts: 1,744
12/28/11 9:47 P

I substitute a lot of milk called products with either almond, rice or coconut milk. Instead of eggs, I'll use Egg Replacer, Flax, or Chia Seeds. Recipes with cheese, I just omit it. I haven't really found a solution yet for subbing yogurt, sour cream, or cream cheese because most people use tofu, which I can't have, because I'm hypothyroid (soy products not good for us), but I do visit several Gluten Free, Vegan, Allergy free and Paleo Diet websites for recipe ideas such as The Spunky Coconut, The Gluten Free Goddess, Elana's Pantry, Gluten Free Pantry, Cybele Pascal, Silvana's Kitchen, Paleo Plan etc. Hope that helps some!

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12/26/11 1:51 P

I completely agree. I was surprised that they had so many foods to opt-out of, but not dairy...especially when so many people are either allergic or lactose-intolerant. I was so excited about the meal plans until I found they were loaded with cheese. emoticon

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
1/4/11 2:28 P

Thanks for the suggestion!

Coach Denise

LYNNBERRY338 SparkPoints: (8,545)
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1/4/11 2:08 P

It would be great to have a dairy-free option for the meal plan! Please consider this in the future!

I plan my own meals, but calorie tracking is new to me, and I have a low calorie limit as a short person - it would be great to get ideas from the meal planner that do not involve dairy at every meal and snack. I can't afford to drink that many calories in soymilk.

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