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7/31/12 3:02 P

Let me second this one, heartily. Dates would help a LOT... if there are two conflicting articles, for example, you could compare dates to see what's more recent. As much as we'd like to think that everything on Sparkpeople is 100% accurate, frankly, that's impossible. There's just too much for it all to be reviewed all the time!

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7/31/12 5:47 A

Great, thank you!

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7/30/12 10:19 P

There isn't, but I'll pass along your feedback.


Coach Denise

GENERIC-FIT Posts: 8,455
7/30/12 4:14 P

I enjoy reading the articles of the nutrition, wellness, fitness and motivation. They provide "food for thought"! I've tried to look but is there a date when the article is posted? Information is always changing so I'd like to know how recent or older an article is.

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