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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/30/12 3:10 P

There is currently no way to link plans like that, no.

You just do as suggested. One turns the suggested meal plans off, and you make your meals based on the other's suggestions, with improv up or down portions for the other one based on their goals.

Deb, in New Zealand
DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/30/12 1:09 P

I would suggest that just one of you uses the created plan (the one who needs a larger portion) and then just make enough for two.
the other can just enter it then. That way you are using one menu for the both of you.

MIXTAPE2021 Posts: 1
4/30/12 1:05 P

Hi there, me and my wife are new to the site and would like to use the diet plan feature, but we would like if the meals were the same as each other (different sizes) so were not makeing 2 different dinners ect, is there anyway to set something like this?


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