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9/19/10 10:25 A


RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
9/15/10 1:01 P

I love ground turkey but it needs a little oil added to keep it from being too dry. My sister and I do use it wherever we usually use ground beef, especially since she won't eat beef.

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9/15/10 10:26 A

Since most ground beef recipes I make are very flavorful (tacos, chili, beef stroganoff) I don't notice it. I tried subbing turkey for pork in a Vietnamese dish and I definitely noticed something missing, but it was a mush simpler dish.

-MAXINE- Posts: 606
9/15/10 8:01 A

Not a fan, but then I don't use a lot of ground meat anyway

SISKRIS SparkPoints: (0)
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9/14/10 1:32 P

I use it for all dishes that use ground meat. For a yummy healthy burger the kids like I mix in some oats, flaxseed, diced up onion and celery. My kids love these burgers- serve these with some oven baked sweet potato "fries". MMM emoticon

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9/13/10 3:19 P

I think ground turkey works great in all things you'd use ground beef in. I don't eat beef, so this is one of my go-to alternatives. I've made turkey burgers with it, spaghetti sauce, tacos, and it even makes great morning sausage patties when you add sausage seasonings like sage. The taste of ground turkey is very clean and lean, especially if you buy the very low-fat content turkey. Beef has a richer flavor, but from what I remember ground turkey and ground beef have similar textures. I love it!

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9/12/10 2:23 P

Used to until it became to pricy for me, I stay with whatever ground beef is on sale. I pan fry for use in cassaroles, tacos, spaghetti and other uses. After frying, I place in a collander and rinse the fat off with hot water before using. Often I fry the entire package, and after rinsing, draining, I divide the meat into several baggies, add favorite seasonings and freeze for later timesaving use.

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
9/10/10 3:57 P

Have used it in the past.

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,182
9/10/10 1:56 P


Burgers, sloppy joe's, tacos, nachos, etc. Watch what you get though because certain ones have just as much fat/sat fat as ground beef. I generally get the one that is 93/7.

9/3/10 6:37 P

I was actually thinking about using it tonight to make open faced turkey burgers with bleu cheese and arugula.

9/3/10 6:36 P

I was actually thinking about using it tonight to make open faced turkey burgers with bleu cheese and arugula.

9/2/10 5:43 P

all the time. Make chili and use ground turkey, or make a tomato vegetable soup I call "hamburger stew" but use turkey meat. Add a little cajon seasoning

9/2/10 3:41 P

I have tried and besides one meatball recipe I just can't do it.

I can tell the difference. The taste and texture are different and I just can't get past it.

I make recipes that call for ground beef so rarely and they are recipes where the "beef" flavor really stands out. I actually end up spending more money when I make beef recipes because I buy the fresh ground sirloin.

But I save on not making recipes with crumbled browned ground beef anymore - we've replaced it with pasta and veggies or grilled chicken.

It's what you like. I know a ton of people who love it and don't notice the difference so...maybe you won't notice it either.

DBAILEY0438 Posts: 637
9/1/10 7:47 A

yes and my family dosent know the diffrence

MISWIL765 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/1/10 5:33 A

I slowly integrated ground turkey into all my recipes that I used to use ground beef. I just tried stuffed cabbage rolls this weekend with it and was surprised at how much everyone loved it.

MFLESCH Posts: 268
8/31/10 9:34 A

I make turkey burgers, they are really good. I substitute it for ground beef (sometimes). I REALLY like the turkey Italian sausage. The flavor in it is really good.

LIZARDP Posts: 89
8/29/10 4:50 P

Love ground turkey breast...I will often add finely chopped mushrooms when I'm using it to make taco or spaghetti meat. I've also found I can throw it in the crockpot and cook it, because there is virtually NO fat.

I make an awesome turkey burger with cilantro, mushrooms, waterchestnuts, garlic, green onions and teriyaki.

LOSEBY45 SparkPoints: (15,712)
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8/26/10 11:32 A

Yes, I replace all ground beef with ground turkey. My family loves it have for years. When we go to someones house to eat and they use ground beef for a meal my family comments about it on the way home. They really prefer it over beef!

ZACKSMOM7 Posts: 1,612
8/25/10 4:32 P

Yes just started doing it and so if the food tastes better now!!

MSLINDA44 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/23/10 2:32 A

Yes I use ground turey instead of gound beef, and I really like the flavor.

MILLAH85 Posts: 3
8/23/10 1:03 A

I use ground turkey all of the time. Any recipe that calls for ground meat, I use ground turkey. Ground beef (any red meat really) sits heavy on my stomach so I don't eat it often.

DWILCZKO Posts: 3,010
8/23/10 12:25 A

no, but i want to start

BUD_44 SparkPoints: (40,111)
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8/21/10 9:43 P

I love turkey sausage. I almost never eat beef. Gave it up years ago. I do love turkey though.

8/21/10 9:31 P

yes love it

QUABBIN SparkPoints: (0)
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8/20/10 8:05 P

I often use ground turkey instead of beef in tacos and spaghetti sauce. The taste is slightly different but just as good.
To reduce the number of calories per serving, you can also dice some firm tofu and put it in when you're cooking, as soon as the meat is browned. It'll soak up the spices or sauces you add. I like around two parts meat to one part tofu.

BIGDAVEJ Posts: 819
8/20/10 12:35 P

I like to fry it up and mix with my garden veggies and some spaghetti sauce.

CARLAATC Posts: 228
8/19/10 1:39 P

I tried using it some. I did like the turkey burgers I made. But I used it in hamburger helper a couple of times and I didn't like the taste.

SPLASHDOG1 Posts: 1,211
8/19/10 11:57 A

Anything that used to take beef I now use turkey. After searching many recipes I found some super good ones for turkey burgers and a turkey chili that I (and all my co-workers) love. Experimenting with food is fun!

8/19/10 11:06 A

Yes! It's delicious~!

8/18/10 11:39 P


LAURAS-B Posts: 666
8/18/10 4:23 P

yes, I make turkey burgers and they are delicious!

COLLEENMC1 SparkPoints: (38,045)
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8/18/10 10:16 A

I like to use the Jennie-o ground turkey that has italian seasoning in it but it seems a little pricey. Maybe I should try Smart & final for better prices. It's good with spaghetti sauce, I agree.

8/18/10 9:42 A

I use it for spaghetti.

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (196,535)
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8/17/10 8:58 P

I've started using ground turkey rather than beef in most recipes, and my family couldn't tell the difference. In fact, they like meatballs made with turkey better than traditional ground beef.

ANMRUNNER Posts: 1,809
8/17/10 6:32 P

As someone mentioned, ground turkey can have the same fat and calories as beef. Ground turkey BREAST is much healthier. I use ground turkey breast exclusively. It's different than beef of course, but I'm not trying to mimic the taste of beef (such as if you buy ground soy crumbles) I'm simply exchanging it, so I like it. I have used it for everything from chili, spaghetti, breakfast casseroles, tacos, anything you can imagine. Try it lots of different ways, I'm sure you'll like it!

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8/17/10 6:20 P

I use ground turkey in everything from pasta sauces to meatloaf to chili. I also often mix ground meats (chicken, turkey and beef) for a little variety.

LIZKING Posts: 781
8/17/10 12:06 P

i never buy ground beef. and do be careful, regular old ground turkey is ground up everything, whereas the ground turkey breast, is only breast. just a thought. anyway, yes, it does taste slightly different, but really and truly in tacos and spaghetti sauce, sloppy joes, chili etc...the difference is soooo minimal. all the other flavors take center stage to flavor the meat. do try it, give it a chance on more then one meal, and i bet you find it's not bad at all! i do suggest flavoring with onions, garlic, and i find mushrooms add a great deal of moisture, as it can be dryer due to it's lower fat...if you make it into a burger, look for some good recipes here on spark for great turkey burgers and turkey meatloaf!

JNPRGR8T SparkPoints: (0)
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8/17/10 10:26 A

depends on the recipe. It is ok in chili

OWEN2SC Posts: 644
8/17/10 10:16 A

I think it all depends on how well you season it. I cook with ground turkey sometimes, sometimes beef, but most often venison burger. I know lots of people don't like the taste, but I always make in IN stuff, and you can't even tell. The calories are so much better for venison burger and it hardly has any grease at all!

ROOKYGRL52 Posts: 2
8/16/10 10:18 P

I use ground turkey breast and add asparagus, red onion, red pepper, celery, tomatoes, broccoli etc. Whatever floats your boat. Mix it up with a little Ranch w/jalapeno dressing. So good.

ROOKYGRL52 Posts: 2
8/16/10 10:17 P

I use ground turkey breast and add asparagus, red onion, red pepper, celery, tomatoes, broccoli etc. Whatever floats your boat. Mix it up with a little Ranch w/jalapeno dressing. So good.

8/16/10 9:39 P

I only use ground turkey. I started because it was cheaper than beef. I can still tell the difference when I use it for burgers(not bad just different) and I'm not sure I'd like it in a meatloaf, but when it comes to spaghetti sauce, chili, tacos, anything that you would use beef for you can sub turkey and it'll taste just as good!

CHINAGAL Posts: 1,474
8/16/10 6:19 P

I raised a family on ground turkey because it was what I could afford. Recently I tried it again in chili and didn't like the taste. I don't eat much beef and seldom have ground beef, but when I do I buy very lean and don't plan to change. I think you can get used to the taste of turkey over time.

8/16/10 4:54 P

I have replaced turkey for beef in several recipes. they usually turn out good.

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (327,931)
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8/16/10 3:47 P

Ive used it plenty of times to make things like chili, I think it works well.

ANIKAJAC SparkPoints: (0)
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8/16/10 10:51 A

So far I tried turkey burgers and told the kiddies it was chicken (because they could tell difference but enjoyed more than normal burgers)

Be careful sometime ground turkey has the same fat as the lean hamburger meat.

RUSNELL4 Posts: 152
8/16/10 10:48 A

I like turkey burger. I can tell a difference if I am making burgers on the grill or when I use it for meatloaf, etc....but if it's mixed with spaghetti sauce or in a casserole I don't notice much of a difference. Either way, I like it.

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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8/16/10 10:10 A

I use ground turkey in place of beef and I can't really taste the difference.

FINDYOURWAY SparkPoints: (0)
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8/16/10 7:27 A

My friend uses that rule. I could tell the difference, but I still liked it...

MNNIKKILYNN SparkPoints: (0)
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8/16/10 6:16 A

My sister suggested that I use ground turkey in dishes such as tacos, sloppy joes, and so on. Basically anything that I would normally use ground beef and sauce/seasoning. Have you tried it and if so, can you tell a difference? Thanks for the feedback!

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