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Do you use any makeup daily?

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Posts: 3,926
9/29/12 9:21 A

No, I am happy with the way I look.

Posts: 859
9/28/12 8:14 P

No not lately

Posts: 1,019
9/28/12 7:45 P

Only a couple of times in the past 10 years. Sunscreen and ultra-chapstick is it for me!

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Posts: 106
9/28/12 6:49 P

Love this site. I am with the ladies with the gray eyebrows. So, I brush them in twice daily, mascara, light moisturizer. My hair is so thin in back that years ago I bought several small hairpieces that clip on. No one can tell it is not my hair. Very expensive but SO worth it.l

Posts: 1,782
9/28/12 6:16 P

Always mascara and generally a light-weight foundation and lip gloss for the office.

Posts: 348
9/28/12 10:59 A

When leaving the home for work, church etc. I put on blush and lipstick. I was hoping to delay the wrinkles around my eyes if I didn't wear eye makeup.

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Fitness Minutes: (14,154)
Posts: 1,137
9/28/12 9:23 A

Yes. Spf mosturiser first all over my face & body (I live in the sunshine state). Then everything face except eye shadow. Very natural. It makes me feel good about me and that's an element of my weight loss journey.

SparkPoints: (204,795)
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Posts: 30,238
9/28/12 9:14 A

Just a moisturizer that has a touch of tint in it.

SparkPoints: (50,154)
Fitness Minutes: (42,660)
Posts: 1,456
9/25/12 6:25 P

mmm does sunscreen, eyebrow pencil and mascara count, then the answer is yes. emoticon

SparkPoints: (9,732)
Fitness Minutes: (5,022)
Posts: 855
9/25/12 9:42 A

Only if it's a really special occasion like a wedding.

SparkPoints: (17,169)
Fitness Minutes: (13,210)
Posts: 636
9/25/12 8:55 A

I usually put on some make up every day, a touch of base with a little finishing powder, lip gloss and eye liner, if I am going to work a little more emoticon

SparkPoints: (79,932)
Fitness Minutes: (67,104)
Posts: 5,688
9/24/12 5:52 A

Not anymore. Most of my life I wore it everyday. Now retired life I only use it occasionally.

SparkPoints: (4,607)
Fitness Minutes: (5,638)
Posts: 103
9/23/12 9:43 P

no,i just use it when i go out to run errands,go out to lunch,doctor app or a meeting.which all is very rare.

Posts: 1,153
9/23/12 9:41 P

I use tinted moisturizer with SPF 20, concealer, light touch of blush and mascara on top lashes only. Most people don't know I am wearing makeup and that's the way I like it. On weekends I wear only a moisturizing lotion with an SPF of 20 or 30.

Edited by: MOINSDEMOI at: 9/23/2012 (21:42)

SparkPoints: (78,040)
Fitness Minutes: (2,836)
Posts: 3,141
9/23/12 9:02 P

Yes. At least Bare Minerals foundation and mineral veil that doesn't look like makeup but improves my skin.

SparkPoints: (4,151)
Fitness Minutes: (2,126)
Posts: 849
9/23/12 8:05 P

I never tried makeup and I am 61

Posts: 2,948
9/23/12 5:40 P

yes...never leave home with out

Posts: 2,037
9/23/12 5:24 P

not yet still waking up

Posts: 56
9/23/12 4:18 P

Rarely. Some years ago I became unable to see well enough to line my eyes. Now I have evolved into using no makeup at all everywhere. I don't look great but I like the freedom of being me.

Posts: 3,088
4/23/12 9:54 P

I use light make up most days

SparkPoints: (90,899)
Fitness Minutes: (20,222)
Posts: 4,458
4/20/12 10:05 P

Weekdays only.

Posts: 23
4/20/12 8:49 A

I forgot to mention that may makeup does not make me look made up. I don't look like a circus clown or a 2$ hooker when I leave to go to work.

Posts: 23
4/20/12 8:48 A

I wear makeup when I go out and about and always to work. At home I do not or at the beach or exercising I do not. However, I have acne rosacea so my makeup serves a dual purpose-it's medicated with salicylic acid to keep the break outs down to a minimum and it also covers up dark marks that have resulted from the cysts this condition causes. I wish I could leave without putting anything own. And I always wear a sunscreen on my arms, legs, face and any other skin that is exposed to the sun. Sun and tanning beds are our enemies, not to mention causing skin cancers. If wearing makeup boosts my self confidence and makes me feel a little better about myself, then I'm wearing it.

Posts: 551
4/19/12 11:07 A


Posts: 8,079
4/17/12 6:38 P

I wear makeup at least 85% of the time.

(I'm now retired. When I worked, I wore make up 100% of the time!!!)

SparkPoints: (938)
Fitness Minutes: (554)
Posts: 49
4/17/12 3:49 P

Boots #7 sold at Target is an excellent mosturizer and great product line. My friend said you could only buy this product in Dept store in England till recently.

SparkPoints: (938)
Fitness Minutes: (554)
Posts: 49
4/17/12 3:47 P

I use very little. I don't feel like I CAN'T go without it. But i agree that it gives me a boost in confidence when I feel like I have it all together. a little lipstick helps. emoticon

SparkPoints: (542)
Fitness Minutes: (422)
Posts: 23
4/17/12 3:41 P

I use Neutrogena tinted make up with SPF and their Healthy blends blush. It looks very natural and doesn't even feel like I have make up on. I like L'Oreal Double extend mascara for plumping up my eyelashes. For skin care : argan oil at night and daily.
Aveda Enbrightenment™ Brightening Correcting Creme.
These are all fine and dandy and I like them , but my husband thinks a joyful smile greeting him at the end of the day is the cutest thing with or without makeup!

Posts: 507
4/17/12 10:55 A

I use makeup most days (I sometimes skip it on the weekends if I'm staying at home), but once I learned how toxic some of the ingredients are in most OTC makeup, moisturizers, sunscreens, etc. I totally switched what I now use. For moisturizer, I exclusively use organic unrefined coconut oil (doesn't take much and it doesn't clog pores). For my foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara I found an amazing company called Elegant Minerals ( that sells only nontoxic makeup and skin care products. I love their mineral foundation and mascara!

SparkPoints: (46,011)
Fitness Minutes: (17,718)
Posts: 4,675
4/17/12 10:48 A

Most days, I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF everyday. Evens out and protects my skin.

Posts: 600
4/17/12 10:41 A

Only use makeup if I'll be outside; need the SPF because I've had skin cancer on my face. Could use just the SPF cream but why not look nice also.

SparkPoints: (38,140)
Fitness Minutes: (25,083)
Posts: 1,199
4/17/12 9:16 A

Every day.... cannot remember the last day I did not. My mother did also....she used to say...."never know who might drop by or who you will meet....always be ready!" Maybe a waste of time for some, but for me.....helps me be me. My skin has always been problem free so I am lucky with that..... I live for Oil of Olay!

SparkPoints: (204,795)
Fitness Minutes: (224,469)
Posts: 30,238
4/17/12 8:42 A

I use Olay7 moisturizer that has a hint of color in it

Posts: 30,774
4/17/12 8:31 A

I never wear make up tried it in my youth and me skin did not like it. I am happy I was lucky to do that because at 68 almost 69 I have great skin on my face. I feel sure there is a connection. I never smoked either. I know the lines will appear but I am happy with my complexion for sure,Pat in Maine.

SparkPoints: (51,164)
Fitness Minutes: (17,301)
Posts: 4,495
4/17/12 7:10 A

I wear eye makeup every day. It makes me feel more confident.

SparkPoints: (582)
Fitness Minutes: (785)
Posts: 4
4/16/12 7:55 P

Now that is not a waste when you do it to lift your spirits afterall you are more important ...and just a quick question if your friend said that to you, would you not tell her that anything that makes her pleased with herself is never a waste.? must always be as kind to yourself as you are to others

SparkPoints: (582)
Fitness Minutes: (785)
Posts: 4
4/16/12 7:45 P

I have always found that if I feel good about myself that it spills over into every other area of my life.I dont wear the makeup that I did at 25 (I'm 70 years young this summer) but I find a light makeup with moisture built in does wonders to even the complexion ,blends age spots and broken cappilaries around the nose just a light touch of blush since as we get older our skin tends toward being sallow eyebrow pencil if your brows have started to fade and soft stain or gloss or balm on the lips...we are talking 5 min max invested in yourself..and you know you are worth it

Posts: 29
4/16/12 7:44 P

Most days. Helps me think better of myself.

SparkPoints: (80,371)
Fitness Minutes: (92,770)
Posts: 2,099
4/16/12 7:27 P

I use a light foundation with sunscreen and that is it.

Posts: 4,939
4/16/12 4:57 P

generally I use makeup on Sunday's when I go to church

SparkPoints: (118,597)
Fitness Minutes: (36,887)
Posts: 11,647
4/16/12 9:01 A


Did you used to use more makeup than that?

Every once in awhile, like in Sept. when school started, I'd use makeup for a week or so and then when the year got going, I felt too overwhelmed to keep it up.


Posts: 3,525
4/16/12 6:53 A

Hardly wear makeup anymore, I figure I did that all my life, no one cares what an older woman looks like, so I just wear lipstick and if I go to church light make up and perfume and thats is.

SparkPoints: (118,597)
Fitness Minutes: (36,887)
Posts: 11,647
4/15/12 10:20 A

I actually purchased Latisse to grow my eyelashes. I was going to a special doctor for a problem on my nose and I got talking with the receptionist. She raved about this stuff.

But to be honest, my life is tough enough with out dabbing stuff on my eye lashes everyday.

It seems like 'nothing' to do that, but for me it is kinda hard.


Posts: 138
4/14/12 10:25 P

I wonder if the tattoo is really painful since it is in such a delicate area?

Posts: 138
4/14/12 10:22 P

I put foundation, eye liner, shadow and blush on everyday because it makes me feel better about myself. But I will admit that some days when I don't even leave the house I feel like it was a waste of makeup.

SparkPoints: (93,056)
Fitness Minutes: (60,908)
Posts: 5,445
4/14/12 10:10 P

I wear lipstick & sunscreen every day. I used to wear eye make-up, but can't any more due to a condition in my eyelashes. It isn't worth it. I finally found a liquid foundation I like. Now I would like to find some blush.

Posts: 106
4/14/12 9:57 P

I use sunscreen, foundation, mascara, sometimes brow pencil and eyeliner and a sweep of blush on my cheeks (just a kiss of it).
I also use chapstick all day long and pale pink lipstick when I go out.

SparkPoints: (118,597)
Fitness Minutes: (36,887)
Posts: 11,647
4/14/12 6:37 P

Sylvia, You are right. I guess I don't look at myself much. Lately my face has looked puffy. Maybe if I just use a couple of products, like you said, I would perk up. Thanks you for commenting! A friend did get the eye tattoo--permanent makeup. that is what gave me the idea. I would never have thought of it myself.

Chris emoticon

SparkPoints: (10,840)
Fitness Minutes: (6,778)
Posts: 331
4/14/12 2:33 P

Hey Chris - a little make up goes a long way to make me feel better. I'm a mascara and lipstain girl myself. Simple stuff from Walmart like Covergirl volume building mascara and I like lipstain because it gives colour that lasts but its not sticky or goupy.

It makes me feel happier because it brightens up my face and I look more awake.
I recently went for a good moisturizer for over 50 crowd - ultra lift by Garnier - got the eye moisturizer and the face combo moisturizer and it has made a huge difference - I look and feel younger - the new stuff on the market is amazing - gotta love technology!!

Once in a while I'll add a little blush and eye shadow when I'm looking ratty - when you look better you do feel better is my take on it.

Try using mascara alone for a bit - if you can afford to get the lash line tattoo - go for it!!!!!!!!
That's my take on it.

SparkPoints: (118,597)
Fitness Minutes: (36,887)
Posts: 11,647
4/14/12 12:31 P

Guys can answer, too, if you want.

This isn't exactly fitness, but it is about looking fitter and healthier.

I wear no makeup at all. I am sure I'd look better--and healthier--if I wore some.

My eyes are blue and eyebrows and eyelashes are extremely light. I really hate makeup, but maybe I should start wearing something. (meaning makeup)

And there are hardly any eyelashes left!

thanks, Chris

I am thinking of getting eyebrows and eyeliner tattooed on. emoticon

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