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2/7/11 11:53 P

Fat is a necessary part of your diet. Don't try to eliminate it.

A great snack I can think of is nuts - high in protein, also a bit high in fat. Not exactly low calorie if you eat the whole container but the key is portion control. If you want 100 calories of almonds, just measure out how much that is (and no I don't know how much).

2/7/11 5:52 P

No. Some foods seem relatively low in calories, but have a high ratio of fat to calories.

Examples: bacon, and hard shell tacos.

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1/18/11 7:10 A


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1/16/11 9:38 A

yes n no. like 2 slices of bacon. hi fat but calories are not bad

1/15/11 7:34 P

Fat is high in calories, so it makes sense that if something is low in calories, it can't be high in fat.

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1/15/11 1:26 P

Can't seem to find anything about this what do you think?

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