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3/29/13 6:17 P

I agree with Lotus - just follow the link on the My Fitness page (in the search box) that says "Enter your own exercise".

And if your times and calories don't match, you can update your Spark Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page) to directly set a weekly calorie burn target, rather than using Spark workout intensity assumptions.


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3/29/13 5:30 P

that's one way to do it- you can also enter in the calories burned manually- just hit the little link that says 'enter an exercise not listed'- that's how i track my elliptical workouts. i make note of my resistance levels and use the caloric burn from my HRM :)

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3/29/13 3:47 P

While my elliptical does not factor in age, gender, weight, or height- it does track the resistance, time spent on machine, and the heart rate to give a general caloric burned output. However, this number is usually about half of what the SP app will give. For example, if I work out for 20mins on my machine it states that I burned 186 Kcals. But if I were to track that using the SP app, it states a caloric burn of 304 Kcal. (And my HR monitor gives a completely different number.)

I have been adjusting the time exercised when imputing my workouts to match the calories burned. Is this what others do? Does anyone else skew the time to get a more accurate calorie deficit? And since the time is showing a 12 min workout as opposed to a 20 min workout, do you adjust your workout time goals?


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