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MA6791 Posts: 41
4/4/03 3:38 P

That's true, plus I had to really think about what I really wanted for my goals. at first I tended to make them sorta vague, but then realized especially for short term, I needed to make short, very specific goals. Like I will not eat past 9 pm.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/4/03 2:06 P

It is also helpful to not have too many goals at one time. A short list is easier to remember and easier to do.

MA6791 Posts: 41
4/4/03 1:53 P

One thing that helps me is to read my goals at least once a day. I can tend to just scroll down past them to make my entries but if I take the time to read them, it kind of enforces my motivation, why I am dong all this.

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