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Yeah you`re right. My wife would have asked, "Did you take a stupid pill?" What it is is a bread dipping oil. A mixture of olive oil,salt,garlic,parsley,rosemary,oregano, red & black pepper & balsamic vinegar. Thanks for pointing that out

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11/24/10 1:53 P

what do you mean when you say focaccia... its bread...

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Here`s a simple recipe i came up with for those times you don`t have much time. 1 pita 1/4 tsp focaccia with balsamic vinegar* 1 can albacore tuna drained well** lettuce tomato sprinkling of parmeasan cheese Heat oven to 350 & rub or brush a bit of the focaccia on both sides of the pita. warm in oven about 1 minute. This will soften it up. Mix remaining focaccia with tuna & place in pita with lettuce, tomato & cheese * 1/4 tsp may not seem like much but this stuff is packed with flavor. You can get it in the bakery section at Walmart **Grilled tuna is actually better but when you`re in a hurry the canned will do fine, just make sure you drain it really good. Hint, use a collendar or seive

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