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6/22/12 11:04 A

Isn't scrapple just breaded, fried animal fat? I would stay away from that completely! Can you get an egg white omelet with veggies and wheat toast? That would probably be a good bet. I sometimes do half egg white, half whole egg if I want a little more emoticon

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6/22/12 10:28 A

Scrapple, should never hit your plate unless you're cheating (which I do when I eat it. I LOVE the stuff!) Otherwise it's just not good for your overall health goals in most cases. Everything else sounds really good!

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
6/22/12 9:37 A

I alsoways ask for my eggs to be scrambled dry. Obviously, I have no clue if that happens, but I have noticed that they taste less oily, but I'm sure there's still residual on the griddle/pan when mine are cooked. Egg Beaters are fine, or you can ask for egg whites, if they have that option. (Egg Beaters arent's "quite" egg whites, they have more calories, but more of other nutrients, too, and still ledd calories than whole eggs.)

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6/22/12 7:08 A

Don't forget to take into account the oil they slather all over the grill....I stay away from breakfast joints for that very reason. They are not using a spray oil they are dipping a 2" brush into a container of oil and spreading it on the grill each time they cook.

You could easily boil eggs the night before and bring them to work with you with a piece of fruit and toast. If you have time to stop for breakfast you have time to make it. Just saying.

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6/22/12 12:08 A

Sounds yummy with the Egg Beaters. Also, make sure you ask for the toast "dry" so you can control how much butter you put on it.

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6/21/12 10:08 P

Personally, I would nix the scrapple, but then again, I can't stand the stuff. Egg Beaters would be great!

Fresh fruit cup = heaven!

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6/21/12 10:02 P

Egg Beaters are good (they are just egg whites). Overall, sounds like a good breakfast. Just be careful - devil's in the details...toppings, condiments, cheese, spreads/jams on the toast...these will really add up the calories. Enjoy!

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6/21/12 9:49 P


I have to leave for work early in the morning and am thinking of stopping at a local restaurant in the morning for breakfast. They have a website and I viewed their menu...they do have some healthy choices. Is Egg Beaters ok to eat? Scrapple? What I was thinking was asking for scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, and possibly mushrooms, and having toast- wheat- with it. Maybe a fruit cup....I plan on asking them questions when I get there....

seeking some advice, opinions....thank you...


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