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WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
7/28/12 11:28 A

The town doesn't have a full-sized supermarket, it's more like a convenience store. The biggest problem with bringing the fridge and microwave is that the hotel does not have an elevator or escalator and all the rooms (except the handi-accessable) are on a 2nd or 3rd floor. Exercise or no, I'm not doing that to my back, in addition to hauling my ultrasound machine, luggage and school books. Also, I did not choose the hotel, work did. I can stay here or pay for other lodging myself and I can't really afford that right now.

Camping stoves are a no-go, considered a fire hazard (I checked).

I had not considered tofu for a protein so I will look into that, along with some lunch meat. I also had not considered a raw-food diet. I like that idea a lot and think it will work well with the situation. I am sure the hotel management wouldn't have a problem with my bringing my blender, what would really help, great suggestion. I also have an electric skillet, I almost never use it and I had forgotten I have it. That would make a big difference.

Thanks for all the suggestions. While I am still dreading this assignment, this may help it be a bit more manageable.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
7/28/12 1:59 A

Make friends with the people at the convenience store/truck stop, and use their microwave to heat things like Tasty Bite pouches. They won't mind, especially if you buy a drink while you're there.

There are also teeny-tiny electric coolers that plug into your car's cigarette lighter. They cost around $80. Coleman makes a larger ice chest with electric assist, too; you plug it in to chill it and then it stays cold for much longer than a regular ice chest.

When you say the town is tiny, does that mean it's too small for a full-service chain supermarket? Most supermarkets (and even some small groceries) have some sort of single-serve "grab-and-go" prepared healthy foods that you could pick up on your way back to the room. Around here, most have sushi and single-serve hummus with veggies in the cold case (as well as wraps and sandwiches), and rotisserie chicken quarters in the hot deli. If there's only a small-town independent grocery store, talk to people there. A lot of times they'll actually make something for you in the back! And if there's a town restaurant or cafe, they'll usually make just about anything they have ingredients for, even if it's not on the menu. If you're going to be there for 10 weeks, that's long enough to develop a relationship or two with people who will enjoy helping you out.

Also, consider an electric wok or electric skillet. They're amazingly versatile. I once lived in a new apartment building where they hadn't finished installing stoves before moving people in. (It was university graduate student housing). It was in the days when microwaves were still expensive, so for almost 3 weeks all we had to cook in was two electric woks, a popcorn popper, and two electric kettles, shared among about 15 neighbors. We discovered that you can do just about anything in an electric wok, including boiling pasta!

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7/27/12 11:23 P

That is really rough. I would reserve different hotel even if I needed little commute everyday.

7/27/12 10:33 P

For me, it would be worth it to pack and unpack and mini fridge and microwave. It's an extra two trips to the car (if it's far, extra exercise!).

7/27/12 9:31 P

If I were faced with this, I would take my small camping stove along with that ice chest and cutting board ...or, I might look at it as an opportunity to experiment with a raw food diet. Quite by accident, most foods I eat are raw anyway.

My favorite sauce:
3 Roma tomatoes, a slice of onion, and a clove of garlic - liquify with blender or just chop up small and put over vegetables like a sliced, chopped, or grated raw zucchini - no cooking, plenty of flavor

A blender might be an easy to carry appliance - smoothies can be good.

My favorite salad:
chopped cabbage, chopped tart apple, chopped garlic, a handful of rasins, a dash of apple cider vinegar, and some olive oil or flax oil

...lots of fruits, fruit salads, and veggie salads... I love to snack on slices of tomato and onion...cabbage leaves make excellent wrappers for other foods if you aren't into bread based wraps or sandwiches.

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
7/27/12 8:06 P

Veggies and hummus
Brown rice is available in pre-cooked pouches. You could mix it with denser salad ingredients (bell pepper, carrot, celery, cucumber) to make a full meal
If you can bring just the microwave, Tasty Bites pouches can be handy, since they are pretty healthy and don't require refrigeration.
If you can get BLOCK ice, it will last quite a while in a cooler
Smoked tofu is a protein option that would need no cooking, and comes in different flavors

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7/27/12 6:36 P

Here's a wrap I make that's extra filling. You can cut back t he calorie content on it by using less cheese, I just REALLY love cheese.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
7/27/12 5:06 P

For the next 10 weeks I will be in another (tiny) town staying in a hotel Sun-Wed. The hotel I am at has no fridge, no microwave, not even a coffee maker in the room. I considered taking a mini-fridge and microwave, but having to pack them up and haul them to and from everyweek is just too much on top of everything else. I called the hotel and they are not willing to store the items for me.

I need food suggestions that don't need cooking. So, what I have is an ice chest, knife, cutting board. I am considering wraps, salads, pre-cooking chicken breasts and freezing them for salads. I am not a huge fan of sandwiches but I may get some whole grain bread, lunch meat like ham or roast beef, and fixings (which, thankfully, will double as salad items).

Any other suggestions? I can see myself getting really bored, really fast on this diet, heatlhy though it may be.


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