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9/8/12 4:30 A

Check out what other people are eating. You might find a buddy who is interested in eating well at teh cafeteria too. Then you can encourage each other along and offer suggestions. I have found this to be very effective when I have to eat at unhealthy restuarants - I model my choices on someone else who already makes great choices and it seems a lot easier than 'talking myself' into it every time. Also, keep a small plastic bag in your backpack with low cal condiments you like and spices to sprinkle on things, this can help a lot - you can do this! take it on as as challenge - you will be stronger and more determined at the end!

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9/6/12 10:21 A

Never underestimate the power of personal contact. Try stopping by the dietary services office and speak face to face. Explain what you are trying to do and see what they have available. At both of my girls' colleges, there were vegetarian options and light options, but sometimes they were hard to find amid the more popular fried foods and burgers.
If the only thing they offer is a salad bar, explore it in detail. You may be able to put together something you like with a lighter hand in the dressings. my eldest would scoop spinach and zap it in the microwave (in the dining hall) and toss it with some hard boiled egg and chopped ham from the salad bar. a splash of vinegar or lemon juice perked it up.
My other daughter found that she was not the only one who disliked many preparations and they came up with a petition to have a tasting week periodically to try out new recipes in the dining hall and vote on their favorites. it changed the dining hall offerings because the operators have no way of knowing what is wanted if the students don't give them input -- especially in a nice way that doesn't involve confrontation or nasty remarks.

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Hi and welcome to Spark People where you will find lots of information and tons of support and encouragement from all our members. You will find that we also have fun along the way. Drink your 8-8oz glasses of water a day (If you only drink one now, add to as you are able until you are drinking your 8 cups or more a day), watch your portion control (measure everything in the beginning...guaranteed it will get easier) and walk, dance or do any exercise you enjoy (start with 10 minutes a day or several times a day and add to it as you are able or have time). Use your fitness and nutrition tracker daily (guaranteed to work if you use them consistently and honestly). Pick one thing to thing at a time. Don't try to change to many things at once as that can be very overwhelming. Just try to take one step, one minute, one hour, one day, one week at a time. They honestly will all add up to the bigger numbers. These tips will definitely help in lowering your numbers and increasing your ability to enjoy life. Don't expect miracles right away...this is a lifestyle change not a diet. You will be much healthier in the long run. Post any concerns, comments or questions you may have and someone will respond quickly.
Start each day with a positive thought just for that day. Reading and reflecting on an inspirational thought or message before you start your day can put you in a positive frame of mind.
Your thoughts determine whether you have a good day or a bad day. Fill your mind with positive ideas, suggestions, and thoughts. You will find it will change your attitude and changing your attitude can change your life.
Sometimes just reading an inspirational quote or a short paragraph helps one see the positive in a situation. Sometimes as your day progresses you just need to take a breakā€¦Take a mental break and read or think about a message of inspiration.
Never underestimate your power to change and improve! You are a good person, with wonderful qualities, and you can reach your goals!
If I can be of any help to you, please let me know with a spark mail or a comment on my page. I am here for you.
God bless you on your journey to a healthier you.
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8/28/12 10:12 A

You might find this article helpful: Healthy Dining in the Dorms -

Also, we have a College Living Lifestyle Center with other tips that you may find helpful:

Coach Denise

8/27/12 2:11 P

I am a freshman at a state university and have been doing my best to eat healthy here, with my meal plan giving me three meals a day at the school's cafeteria. I am wondering what I can do to make my plate healthier, since I don't have much control over what they serve me as choices?

There are salads, of course, but I am not a big salad fan unless there is an unhealthy dressing and croutons on it, which defeats the purpose. I do like vegetables, but since there are not many fresh veggies available, I have been microwaving some steam-fresh bags of peas or green beans in my dorm room.

Otherwise, most of the food is fried and is a carb. Don't get me wrong, I love my carbs, but I am trying to watch my intake so I can shed a few pounds. I just can't get past the trouble of all-you-can-eat and not much good-tasting healthy food... I have no way to cook anything besides a microwave, but I would rather get my food from the cafeteria since I am paying for the full meal plan (I can't change it now... it's past the change date).

Any input would be appreciated!

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